How To Find Your Property Lines For Free?

Rohan Mathew

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How To Find Your Property Lines For Free?

As a property owner, knowing the location of your property lines may be the best approach to avoiding conflicts with your neighbors.

Property lines are the marked focal points at which an owner’s territory closes and the adjacent property begins. A property owner uses boundary lines to figure out where to legally place things like walls, carports, sheds like horse shelters, or whatever. Putting a design on or partially on someone else’s property can lead to conflicts and undesirable circumstances among neighbors.

So, here are some of the ways on how to find property lines for free.

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Check on your title deed

 The title deed contains the legitimate representation of your property, which represents the assessments and limits of the property in words. For many people, interpreting what is presented on the title deed is usually a problem. Nonetheless, the legitimate representation sometimes uses tourist attractions and estimates that can help you have a clue. 

Using your deed to find your property lines should not be difficult.

You can just, measure from the milestones in the display to the property line. Print a peg or other marker on each corner. From each stake, measure to the right around your property to make sure the intentional lines line up with the deed.

If you estimate the boundaries, then externally you can find out what the boundaries are and try not to violate your neighbor’s territory. Just be warned: the boundary estimate might have depended on the location of a geographical feature that might be available at present.

Check from online sources

Depending on your state, you can check the boundaries in the available online data about your property. Some states have an online database of properties. You can use such an online database to find the boundary lines for your property and to find out who are your neighbors. You can use the same to locate any amenities near your property.  

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Physically visit the property survey office 

If after checking on the internet and see no helpful data about the boundary line of your property or if the deed does not help you in this case, you can just pay a visit to a nearby property survey office.

It is in this office where you will explain your worries and be assisted. Property survey offices usually have all data about properties in their vicinity.

 Also, it is obvious that at the time of purchasing your property, you were supplied with a map showing property lines and estimates. If you don’t have it at the moment, contact the nearby local office and ask them if they can produce you another map. 

Moreover, inquire if any public review guides cover your area and street. Some of these guides may be available on the internet while others are printed versions. Even guides for adjoining properties can be important in showing common property lines.


With an available online database, local land survey, and the title deed, you can find your property lines for free.