How to get 1 million youtube views?

Rohan Mathew

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YouTube takes the top spot for the most extensive video network and is the second most powerful search engine on the planet on the planet.

This video network website continues to grow more and more due to the mutation of smartphone technologies. Currently, half of the views on YouTube are from mobile devices.

In addition to this factor, YouTube is able to reach people across generational boundaries as well as engage individuals of GenZ, GenY, GenX, for example, YouTube’s active viewers include individuals from the age range of 18-34 and 18-49 than any broadcasting cable network in the U.S currently.

A large section of people from all over the world post videos on their YouTube channel. The videos are generally aligned with the interests of the channel creator as per their niche. Similarly, the video will be viewed and liked by individuals sharing the same interests and niche. It will actively engage with the content creator’s content by liking or commenting on the videos. Your earning generated through YouTube are also dependent directly or indirectly on the views on the content.

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More complicated than it may appear initially.

YouTube is an excellent platform through which you can earn money, but it is not easy to make a substantial amount of money if you are not aware of what you are supposed to do. Whether you purchase views for YouTube or decide to utilize any other strategy, such as collaborating with an influencer, it is essential to understand that any one method alone is not enough for your channel’s long-term stable growth. If you have just freshly created an account on YouTube, your channel’s purchasing views will allow you to gain the initial traction that your channel requires. When organic users find a high number of views and likes on your content, they would more than likely watch your content rather than a video with a lower number of views and likes on it.

The act of balancing.

If you already have a YouTube channel with a considerable following that also actively engages with your content, it can be pretty simple for you to gain people’s attention. However, if you have just started on the platform as a content creator, it can prove to be a tough challenge to gain traction and those initial views and subscribers for your Youtube channel and videos. You can utilize techniques and methods to gain those initials viewers and subscribers and make out a strategy for your channel’s steady growth.

A guide to getting a million views on YouTube

The following mentions essential steps and methods that you can take to grow view count for your content on YouTube. If you wish to use YouTube for helping grow your brand reach and popularity, you can follow this guide to help reach a million views or more.

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Purchasing views for YouTube

You can instantly have a number of comments or youtube likes for your content if you decide to buy from a service, but you must choose a service that provides views through genuine users. These users will watch your videos and can also engage with your content if they find it intriguing. It is a healthy method to increase organic viewers for your channel.

Some services also provide bot views, and these are automated views generated by robots clicking on your videos. Since they are automated bots, they would not be able to engage with your content.

Set a success criterion as well as goals

Similar to any other marketing campaign, try to align with the marketing campaign being run by the influencer to your overall marketing plans and sales goals.

Determine the quality metrics for success such as how the brand is portrayed and messaging as well as targets that you can determine in quantity such as average length of the video view, cost per video view, cost per conversion, number of targeted views.

Set a budget

The cost per view that is charged for sponsorships varies widely due to a number of factors such as reach, size, demographic, the type of sponsorship, engagement, their industry genre and vertical, length of integration, whether the agency, as well as influencers, represent the talent desire to continue the collaboration with the brand as well.

Brands should also work on content generation such as blog posts, landing pages, promotions, and prizes. Brands can also utilize analytic software for tracking, manpower, a promotional ad budget.

Create a campaign message as well as a theme that supports your goals.

The campaign messages as well as themes can be something really simple but are capable of capturing users’ attention. Brands should develop campaign-specific messages yet still leave enough space for influencers to be creative with their content.

It is important to remember that integrations are not adverts. Content that feels too commercial to viewers tend to generate lower than expected view counts and get panned in YouTube comments.

Establishing a criterion for selection

Begin with industries, genres, and channel demographics such as sex, geography, the age to determine what makes up for the perfect brand match.

It is vital for success to determine whether your campaign’s theme fits well with your targeted audience’s interests. It is essential to ask yourself whether the content you create would end up offending your target audience or resonate with them.

Once you have determined your target audience, start identifying YouTube influencers that fall under the criteria as well as the requirements for the size of their audience that you are looking to engage with, and then proceed to start the outreach campaign.

Developing a pitch letter

Your campaign requirements and set expectations should be clear and explicit. Do you require a dedicated video or an integration? What would be the key messages that you would want the influencer to address in their video, as well as what deciding on your timeline?

In simpler terms, determine what the promotional requirements are and decide if there is any other information you require from them when they provide a response to your proposal.

However, it is essential to remember that influencers who have an audience that is not only huge in size but also actively engage with the content put up by the influencer can afford to be choosy regarding which brands they wish to work along and collaborate with. You may have to rouse them with something unique only to your brand.

Recruit influencers that are motivated.

It may be the most time-consuming step and also the most important one to your campaign.

It can be tough to find YouTube influencers who fall under your set criteria, like the brand, as well as offer creative input and bonus promotions in their response.

You can begin to reach influencers you desire to work alongside through their email, available on their YouTube channel page. You must collaborate only with talent agencies that know and trust. You can also utilize influencer marketplaces such as Grapevine logic, Reelio, and Famebit to solicit proposals.

Spell out everything in the contract 

make clear on the creatives before you finalize the deal and include the key messages, type of integration, review process, video promotions, and project timeline.

Influencers prefer brands not interfering with topics such as video storyline or titles outside of their integration. Be flexible while collaborating with influencers, allowing them to have enough creative space to make the campaign a success. YouTube influencers have garnered a substantial amount of following thanks to their quirks and qualities they offer in their content, which their audience is well-favored. Defining too many rules and being too rigid can be negative for the collaboration as it can limit the influencer’s creative freedom.


Before choosing any method to gain traction on the platform, it is vital that you fully understand the pros and cons behind any technique. It is also important to remember that these methods are not a one for all solution for gaining 1 million views on YouTube. Create a well-planned strategy to make your videos more popular by using the right keywords and title.