How To Get a Loan When You’re Self Employed?

Rohan Mathew

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People who are self-employed often think that they can’t get a proper loan or they are not eligible for the loan amount. However, the reality is completely different. A self-employed can get a loan it is just that they need to do a little hard work and give proper attention to every detail and process of availing the self employed loans. Let us look at the list below and learn ways to get approved for the loan:

Maintain your credit score

When you are planning to avail a loan, your credit score plays an important role. It means making your payments before its due date, not using your entire credit limits, and doing a few other things that can help to improve your credit score. It can boost your odds of getting an approved loan at a reasonable rate since lenders will find you suitable for the loan.


Apply for the loan when you are in the business for more than 2 years.

The point is lots of small businesses or start-ups fail during their initial two years. And the statistics are quite staggering, with over 40% of the businesses not surviving more than the two-years mark. Due to this, lots of lenders won’t approve the loans for small businesses if they are not in the business for 2 years and show a track record of their successful business plan. You can pass it after showing your business success on the regular basis, however, in many cases, you have to wait till you reach your two-year mark if there is not any other option left.

Checking your Income

To approve your income as a self-employed applicant, the banking institutions may need your recent two years’ Business and Personal Income Tax Returns. It is just an example of how to verify your income as a self-employed. There’re many other alternatives to show them that you really can afford a self-employed loan, for instance:

Business Activity Statements – This shows business’ turnover and profit. Business Activity Statements reflect the status of your current financial situation. Since it’s completed monthly or quarterly, it’s considered to be the most applicable income source verification by non-bank lenders and credit providers.

Getting your income verified is having your accountant to speak with the non-bank lender or credit provider to confirm with one another the current state of your finances.

Talk to a Qualified Finance Advisor 

If you don’t work with a professionally qualified financial advisor or broker, you need to consider the chance of wasting your time by running on your own to find the home loan that meets your requirements and circumstances. However, a financial advisor will help you to save your time because they have complete knowledge about how a self-employed loan works.

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Things to Look At considering When Looking For Self Employed Loans 

Unfortunately, even though you do everything given above, there are a few lenders who might be a bit reluctant to provide you the loan amount. It is normally because of the appearance of the low income. When your business shows a low income due to tax write-offs that decrease the taxable income that is shown on the tax returns. Whereas it is good for your small business, it isn’t good when you are looking for loans. Business deductions will go against the borrower as mortgage eligibility will be based on the net income.

One thing you need to consider while applying for the loan is a lender. You have to select the best and qualified one. When it comes to being self-employed, smaller banks or lending institutions will be a better choice than you can consider. Keep in mind, the planning process & preparing your loan application can make a huge difference in your process.

Wrapping Up

Being self-employed, you might have come to know on various occasions that you need to jump through several hoops and doors to get the home loan from your traditional banking institutions. However, don’t lose hope, and get in contact with a professional financial advisor or broker and get an approved loan easily. So, these are some important points to learn and apply when you are looking to get a loan when you are self-employed!