How to Get Back into the Job Market After Long-Term Unemployment 

Rohan Mathew

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How to Get Back into the Job Market After Long-Term Unemployment 

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the world in many ways, one of the most noticeable impacts being the rise in unemployment rates. Many people were out of work as businesses shut down and cut the number of employees, while recent graduates struggled to find jobs.

According to Congressional Research Survey’s 2020 report, the U.S. observed the highest unemployment rate in 72 years at 14.8%. The COVID-19 outbreak transported shockwaves through both the U.S. and Canadian economies. Due to closures and lack of income, business owners suffered and had to lay off many employees. However, since businesses are gradually reopening, jobseekers might finally find some luck during their job hunt. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for returning to work.

Hire a Professional Recruiter

Even if you are highly qualified, you might have a tough time finding your way back into the industry. Finding employment may seem more challenging if you work in the legal field and cannot show adequate work experience in the past year. Hiring professionals to help you with legal recruitment in Toronto can increase your confidence to re-enter the workforce.

Hiring a legal recruiter will enable you to join a suitable firm since experienced lawyers understand the job search process. They can guide you through the process so that you can navigate the workforce despite the long gap.

 Brush Up Your Resume

Although this one is a no-brainer, even if you didn’t work at all the past year, you may need to update your resume. Look at templates online and see if there is a better way to display your work. If you spend any time doing freelance work or invest in any additional education, mention all of that. Every bit of information is crucial during a job hunt.

Refresh Your Connections

Even if you have been knocking on doors trying to gain some insight into future jobs, some people might not have been able to help. Due to the lack of jobs available, your connections might not have had the resources to help your search.

Since some positions might open up now, it may be worth giving your old connections a nudge. Refresh their memory and let them know that you are available to work. A gentle reminder will help them keep you in mind if any position comes up.

Prepare Your Story

Have you been searching for a job since the beginning of the pandemic but are still unemployed? Explain that to the employer. Even if your career break was intentional, you could still be honest with the interviewer. When your potential employer notices a gap in your resume, they might ask you what you were doing at the time. Be completely honest and explain everything you did to enhance your job search and develop your skills.

The chances are that the employer will understand the struggle you went through since the state of the economy affected almost everyone.

Finding a new job after being out of work can seem like an overwhelming task for a long time. However, taking that step to build your career will always be rewarding if you give it your best shot. You might not be successful at your first attempt, but applying the steps above can improve your chances of getting employed.