How to get free character in free fire

Rohan Mathew

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Today, Everybody Loves Free fire. Everyone wants to get the new characters in free fire before other players. But to unlock any character we need to have money in our pocket or you have to know the right way to unlock any character. So! if you don’t want to spent your money but need a new character then I am to teach you the right way regarding: How to get free character in free fire.

I know everyone knows about Free fire but I think here a shot recap on Free fire is needed.

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So what is Free fire?

Free fire is a Multi-player battle royal Game developed by 111 dotes studio for ANDROID and IOS. In Free fire a player has to Kill the opponent players and have to survive till the game End. Free fire provides players a choice to select the Maps, Buy any characters, Pets, New Weapons, Emotes and so more and due to that:

So lets start our todays topic on free fire.

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How to get free character in free fire?

In today’s topic about the How to get free character in free fire we will discuss some proven ways to get real diamonds for the free fire. So here are the most trusted ways regarding how to get free character in free fire.

  • Google opinion rewards
  • Watch live Give away
  • Participate in New events
  • Exchange Characters With Free Fire Coins.
  1. Google Opinion rewards(Most Easy way regarding how to get free character in free fire)

Google Play rewards is a Software developed by the most trusted search engien Google. In which the Users have to attend some Surveys(Answering the questions) and win Google Play rewards. Some people are thinking about what is Google Play rewards? So let me clear you Google Play rewards is an amount that can be used to buy something on the online platform.

Google Play rewards can also be used to buy the diamonds(Which allow you to buy Characters, Pets, Guns and so more) in Free fire. So to Earn Google Play rewards follow the below steps:

  • Download it from Play store.
  • Open the App
  • Enter Your Mail Address
  • Confirm your Mail Address, and press Continue
  • So after it, A sample survey will open
  • Answers all the questions Correctly
  • Submit it,
  • Now you will reach your Dashboard,
  • There all your Amount Earned and Surveys will appear.
  • Click on the Survey,
  • Answers it, and that’s all.
  • After submitting you will Earn Google Play Reward.
  1. Watch live Give away

So the second way is Watch live Give away in which you have to participate in the live give away events either on YouTube, Facebook or on any other platform.  There are many people that give away new free fire characters in their everyday routine so to get it you have to follow and participate in it by fulfilling their demands (Such as subscribing them on different platform, Commenting or by doing other tasks).

Otherwise you can also follow them on Rooter which will send you a reminder before any Live give away either of Characters, Diamonds, Pets, Emotes or other items.

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  1. Participate in New events

So the the the third way is participate is the the New events which will take your affords but will provide you the up[coming characters definitely. I think you are thinking about how to participate in new events? So let me explain you the Whole steps to participate in New events

Before I explain you about the participation remember that the participation events is based regularly it is only organized just for a great function like introducing some new Characters, Pets and on other purpose.

So to participate just follow the below steps:

  1. So First, Open the Free fire app either on Your Mobile or any other device.
  2. Go to the Event section
  • Which is on the Left side of your Device(Look like a calendar
  1. There you will see all the upcoming events in the form of Calendar
  2. Now on the Event Day, Just follow the steps mention on the event.
  • Like Play Game will Friends, Win 2 Gams, Share the game and so more
  1. And after complete ting the steps,
  2. Re-visit the Event section
  3. Claim the Rewards either of Diamonds or Characters.
  1. Exchange Characters With Free Fire Coins

I think you under stand the fourth way from the upper heading if not don’t worry I am always for you so in the fourth way you have a chance to exchange you free fire earned coins with exchange of some characters.

Note: Remember that you have a chance to exchange coins with some limited characters, not with anyone.

One more way is to use the free fire diamond generator ways to get free diamonds can those diamonds can be exchange for any character.

Tip Regarding how to get free character in free fire

So the main tip regarding how to get free character in free fire is that if you want to save money like for buying any character in free fire just check out the daily limited offers. There you can find a great offers like to get 100 diamonds with 4 gun skins @29 only and so more.