How to Improve Workplace Safety in 7 Simple Steps

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Every year, there are almost 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses reported. These injuries and illnesses take place on construction sites, inside warehouses and factories, and in many other places that people work on a regular basis.

With this in mind, your company should make workplace safety one of your top priorities if you’re not doing it already. Safety in the workplace is something that you should think about early and often so that you can set out to improve it each and every day.

If you want to steer clear of seeing any of your employees injured while on the job, there are a variety of things that you can say and do to keep them safe. Here is how to improve safety in the workplace in seven easy steps.

  1. Start by Taking a Look at Your Company’s Workplace Safety Stats

How many of your employees report work-related injuries and/or illnesses every year? If you’re not sure, finding out the answer to that question would be a great place for your company to start when it comes to improving workplace safety.

You’re not going to be able to figure out better ways to improve safety for employees if you don’t know where your shortcomings are as a company right now as far as safety is concerned. It’s why you should kick off your current workplace safety initiative by taking a deep dive into any stats that you have on hand.

  1. Create an Employee Safety Training Program for Your Company

Once you’ve gone through the workplace safety stats available to you, the next order of business will be using what you’ve learned to formulate an employee safety training program. This program should be unique to your company and should include a long list of safety rules and regulations for those who work for you.

You might also want to sign your employees up for ASSP SafetyFOCUS events. The more training you can provide your employees with, the better off they’re going to be when trying to maintain a high level of safety in the workplace.

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  1. Make Sure Your Company Is Using the Safest Equipment and Tools Possible

You can put your company’s employees through all the safety training you want. But if you ask them to use old equipment and tools that aren’t very safe, it’s all going to be for naught.

While you’re in the process of training your employees on workplace safety, you should also inspect your current safety equipment and tools to see what might need to be updated or replaced. Is your confined space equipment, harnesses and gas detectors in working order? You might want to think about bringing in new equipment and tools that are safer for your employees to use.

  1. Put Up Safety-Related Signs Throughout Your Company’s Workplace

To really drive home the point that your employees need to be thinking about their own safety and the safety of others, you should surround them with reminders at every turn. You should hang up safety-related signs throughout your company’s workplace that let people know what they should and shouldn’t do.

Put the signs in places where you know people will see them and point them out if you spot anyone not being as safe as they could and should be. They’ll reinforce just how important workplace safety is to you.

  1. Keep Your Company’s Workplace Clean to Reduce the Chances of Accidents

Is there almost always dirt, dust, and other debris scattered all over the place inside your workplace? This is inevitably going to lead to accidents if you’re not careful.

There might not be any getting around some dirt, dust, and debris in your workplace. There are some workplaces that are, quite frankly, going to get dirty throughout the course of a day no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

But you and your employees should make every effort to keep your workplace as clean as you can get it. You should be especially diligent when it comes to cleaning up the floors in your workplace since they could become slippery if you don’t remove dirt, dust, and debris from them.

  1. Offer Up Reminders About Workplace Safety to Your Employees

You shouldn’t put your employees through safety training, hand them a safety training guide, and then expect them to stay safe for the next 10 years. You’re going to need to constantly talk to them about workplace safety so that the importance of it is ingrained in their heads before long.

In a perfect world, it’s a great idea for employers to have monthly safety meetings so that they can address any ongoing safety issues and bring up any new safety issues that might pop up. Don’t be afraid to stick a safety meeting onto the schedule each month.

  1. Take Feedback From Your Employees With Regards to Workplace Safety and Use It

What do your company’s employees think that you could be doing better with regards to workplace safety? You’re going to be making a big mistake if you don’t ask them for their feedback over time.

Your employees might be able to tell you about certain safety issues that aren’t even on your radar. This will provide you with an opportunity to change up your approach to safety in whole new ways.

Come up with some kind of a system that will allow your employees to share their feedback on safety in the workplace with you. It could pay off in a big way if they’re able to tell you about potential safety problems that you hadn’t considered.

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You Can Improve Workplace Safety by Following These Simple Steps

Workplace safety is something that should always be at the forefront of your mind if you own a business. Your company should make a strong push to keep your employees safe at all times.

You can do it by following the steps laid out here. They’ll make it simple for you to emphasize the importance of job site safety time and time again.

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