How to increase my score in critical reasoning in CLAT?

Rohan Mathew

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Critical Reasoning is undoubtedly one of the trickiest subjects. However, this is one of the most important subjects for those appearing for CLAT. Basically, one can expect around 40 questions for this section of the subject in CLAT. Furthermore, this is one of the most promising sections from a scoring perspective as well in CLAT. Hence, most aspirants pay immense emphasis towards their preparation or scoring well in it. 

Become analytic

Undoubtedly, Critical Reasoning is a tricky subject. But, one can certainly score better with proper strategy. In this context, one should pay emphasis towards becoming logical with approach. Most importantly, the questions appear in huge ranges. Hence, one needs to possess good analytic skills or logical skills to expect a good score.  Check how to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning.

In this context, one may refer to the logical reasoning questions as well. Moreover, it needs to focus on puzzling parts. Similarly, one must emphasize the questions regarding arrangements as well. One can’t just gain confidence in this unless having a proper understanding of the subject. Most importantly, the students need to enhance their concentration skills as well to do this.     

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Practice enough

There is absolutely no alternative to practice critical reasoning. In fact, they need to pay much more practice for this than all other forms of mathematics. Good news is that modern-day students have various online sources available. But, simply referring to the online platforms doesn’t work. Rather, one needs to strengthen his/her skill or enhance the concept prior to delving into it. In case of a competitive scenario, speed of solving is crucial. But, one simply can’t expect the requisite speed without doing sufficient practice.   Join best CLAT Crash Course Online

Read the questions thoroughly

Critical reasoning is a subject where chances of confusion always remain at the peak. In this context, it is essential to boost the skill of comprehending the questions. And, one must read the questions well prior to attempting for the answers. In fact, one should read the questions multiple times. Often, people ignore this aspect and get into confusion. Hence, it is essential to boost the ability to understand the question well prior to delving into write-ups.  

Learn the technique

One has to be technical while solving Critical Reasoning questions. Moreover, people refer to different resources for learning this technique. In fact, there are online platforms available as well for modern-day students. But, most of these platforms provide different methods or techniques for solving the questions. In such occasions, rather than confusing, one needs to focus on the trick that works for him/her. 

Rather, learning too many techniques can turn things more confusing on this matter. Hence, one should figure out one best method and stick to it. In this context, one may pick the option that can enable one to solve the question quickly. Ultimately, irrespective of the method you pick, ensure about practicing sufficiently to gain the expertise.

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Don’t lose confidence

Most students commit mistakes in Critical Reasoning due to a lack of confidence. In this context, they first need to do enough practice. It’s the practice that can make them familiar with the questions. But, there are many who simply get nervous if one question gets confusing. Rather, the subject is such that it can make anyone get low in confidence. On such occasions, instead of lacking confidence, one should keep calm and analyze the question well. Through the process, it will be easier to approach the answers.

Appear mock tests

Appearing mock tests is quite crucial for Critical Reasoning in CLAT. However, contemporary students have the privilege of online sources to practice thoroughly. In fact, one can gain confidence in a matter of one month through these tests. Above all, these tests provide clarity regarding the state of your ability. Additionally, there remains the option of answering past questions as well. This, too, is a cool strategy. Most importantly, these approaches help students in planning for the test on which questions to attempt first.

Do lots of revision

Irrespective of the amount of practice, it is important to revise well for greater confidence. On some occasions, people just get overconfident and miss the key elements. Hence, to ensure that such scenarios don’t affect your overall score, it is always crucial to do enough revisions.