How to Install GBWhatsApp on your Android Phone?

Rohan Mathew

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GBWhatsApp is the ultimate dream of WhatsApp users. It is an unauthorized mod for WhatsApp. This mod provides you with all the tools and tricks that the original WhatsApp does not.

GBWhatsApp is the modded version of the original WhatsApp messenger. It is developed by a third party and is an unofficial app. This means the app is not available on the Google play store. you can easily download the apk file from any site like

If you want to download and install GBWhatsApp on your android phone, this is the perfect place for you. Today in this article, I will be showing you how you can Download GBWhatsApp on your phone.

Features of GBWhatsApp

There are some fantastic features GBWhatsApp comes with. These features are the reason why GBWhatsApp is better than the original WhatsApp. Some of the most amazing ones are mentioned below.

  •       You can download status easily.
  •       GBWhatsApp helps you see the deleted messages.
  •       It is the anti-ban
  •       You are allowed to see hidden statuses.
  •       GBWhatsApp allows you to share every kind of file that the original WhatsApp does not allow.
  •       Large files can be sent to people in GBWhatsApp instead of a few MB.
  •       You can put long status in GBWhatsApp.

Install GBWhatsApp on your Android Phone

To install GBWhatsApp on your Android phone, follow the following steps.

  •       Go to the settings of your phone.
  •       Open the Security tab.
  •       Allow downloading files from unknown sources.
  •       After giving permission, click here GBWhatsApp APK to download the apk file of GBWhatsApp.

Remember, before downloading GBWhatsApp, take a backup of your chats if you haven’t.

For backup, follow the following steps.

  •       Open original WhatsApp and go to the settings.
  •       Go to chats.
  •       Click on chat backup.
  •       Now WhatsApp will create a backup file of your chats.

Now back to installing GBWhatsApp.

  •       Once the file is downloaded, locate the file.
  •       Click on the apk file and open it.
  •       Now click on install, and GBWhatsApp will be installed on your phone.
  •       Open the app.
  •       Enter your phone number.
  •       After receiving OTP, enter it and enjoy.
  •       While setting GBWhatsApp will ask for backup.
  •       Allow it to see all the previous chats and messages from the original WhatsApp.


Why GBWhatsApp is not installing?

Before downloading and installing the GBWhatsApp, make sure to check the space in your phone. There must be not enough space in your mobile to download GBWhatsApp APK.

How do I start GBWhatsApp?

You can start GBWhatsApp by downloading its APK file from here GBWhatsApp APK. Back up your chats from the present original WhatsApp if you want to. Install GBWhatsApp and uninstall the original WhatsApp. Locate the backup files and change their name to GBWhatsApp files. By doing this, you can start GBWhatsApp.

You can also just download GBWhatsApp and use it as a new start.


GBWhatsApp is one of the best mods for original WhatsApp. It gives you the power and flexibility to customize your WhatsApp. You can easily install GBWhatsApp on your Android phones by doing some simple steps.