4 Tips To Prevent Damage During a Move

Rohan Mathew


4 Tips To Prevent Damage During a Move

Moving to a new property is exciting! Your mind gets a change in atmosphere when you start living in a new property. Moving all your expensive and delicate furniture to a new property can damage or break them if moving is not done carefully. This is the reason why you shall hire professional movers. To make moving faster, reliable and safer, you must hire Get ā€˜nā€™ Go ā€“ Furniture Removalists in Melbourne. They will retain the quality of your furniture and prevent them from all kinds of damage. Here are some of the major tips to prevent damage during a move.

  • Segregate Delicate Furniture:

There are some delicate pieces of furniture that are made from the materials like glass. Even s small amount of force or pressure can damage this item. This is the reason why all the delicate furniture items should be kept and moved together. Keep them in different packages. It is important to ensure that no furniture or other item is kept about that delicate furniture. Else, it may break due to the weight of the item kept above it. Therefore, segregate heavy and delicate furniture while moving and shifting.

  • Detach Parts:

There are some pieces of furniture and other items that are composed of many smaller pieces. In order to prevent damage, you can detach those parts. Doing this, you will not have to carry heavy and big pieces of furniture. It is much easier to carry these small furniture items to prevent damage. However, make sure you know the process of putting these small pieces together to make a single piece of furniture. This will avoid wastage of time and will make the process easier. Thus, prevent moving of furniture as a whole. Take them in small pieces to avoid any damage.

  • Be Careful On Stairs:

When you are lifting heavy pieces of furniture, you might easily walk on a plane floor. But walking down the stairs can be difficult with big boxes and heavy pieces of furniture. Therefore, it is suggested to reduce your speed and carefully climb up or down the stairs. Do not be in a hurry to prevent injury and damage to furniture. It is suggested to rather use an elevator if the boxes are not too big and heavy. One must also be careful while taking furniture out of a space from a narrow door.

  • Safe Unpacking:

The task is not finished until you have not unpacked and placed the furniture in position. While you are unpacking, make sure you have placed the box in the right position. Else, all the stuff stored inside might fall on the ground and get damaged. Do not try to unpack heavy furniture alone. Clean the furniture after you have unpacked it. This will ensure that the shine, look and quality of the furniture is not compromised. Be as careful while unpacking as you were while packing the same. Unpacking is the last and one of the most important steps of moving.