How To Keep Your Body Butter Soft And Fluffy

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How To Keep Your Body Butter Soft And Fluffy

How do you keep your body butter soft and fluffy? When your body butter is hard, you will notice the difficulty in using it to moisturize. 

To get the most enjoyable experience and utmost benefits from body butter, soft and fluffy body butter is the best. This will make it easier for you to moisturize your body.

How do you keep your body butter soft and fluffy?

In the need some people to make their body butter-soft, they add water to the butter. But this is wrong. Water will interfere with the spreadability of your body butter, because of the counteraction between them.

Or are you looking for ways to maintain the softness of your body’s butter?

These factors contribute to the softness and fluffiness of your body butter.

1. The form of body butter

There are 2 different forms of body butter; the hard and the soft butter. If you prefer the soft body butter, at least you should be able to identify it.

Examples of soft body butter are shea butter, soy butter, mango ultra-refined butter, shea ultra-refined butter, tucuma refined butter, and others.

With this, you will be able to identify the right body butter you want. This will save you unnecessary stress in correcting a hard body butter. Subsequently, you will know how to maintain your soft body butter.

However, if you have hard butter already, there are still ways to make them soft.

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2. Amount of oil

Hard body butter has little oil compared with soft body butter. If you notice that your body butter is hard, add some essential oils to the butter. 

Coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and lavender oil are the kinds of oil you can add to your body butter. Oil makes the body butter soft and fluffy. Also, it adds additional benefits to the skin. For instance; 

Lavender oil heals the skin from cuts or wounds. It prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. Other types of oil have their benefits. 

Add oil in moderate amounts to your body butter. Much oil added can lead to high levels of greasiness in the butter. Then, whip the butter well to give a uniform and smooth appearance.

3. Temperature

Although, different kinds of body butter react differently to temperature. 

If you want to maintain your soft body butter most of the time, keep it at room temperature. Don’t leave it in a place with a very high temperature as it can become too soft. Likewise, storing in a place with a high temperature will harden your butter.

But if you notice that your body butter is too soft, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. It will become moderately soft and fluffy. Also, don’t forget to cover your jar of butter to avoid direct exposure to the environment.

Avoid storing your body butter in a humid area, dry place is the best to keep your body butter.

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