Can I Get A Job While On Workers Compensation?

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Can I Get A Job While On Workers Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is paid to those who are temporarily or permanently incapacitated due to injuries sustained at the workplace while working.

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Suppose a staff currently employed in a company sustains an injury and is receiving worker’s compensation. In that case, the employer’s attitude may change towards him and he could even assign him a lower post because the accident may affect his efficiency.

This attitude could be psychologically disturbing and demoralizing to a staff who may think of no other option than to quit the company and get another job.

Anyone is free to get a new job if the employer pays the severance package.

Getting a new job while still on worker’s compensation could affect the benefits the compensation offers but this is based on some conditions.

Once the insured gets a new job, he should inform the insurance company in good faith. The insurance company will have to know his pay package.

Suppose his pay package is lower than his previous employment. In that case, the worker’s compensation will continue, but if the new job offers higher pay, then the client no longer enjoys the benefits of the compensation policy, such as payment of medical bills and a certain percentage of the monthly payment.

Why that is so is that there is no need for the insurer to keep remunerating the insured once it is ascertained that he is financially stable.

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He is still entitled to worker’s compensation while on a new job if he’s still receiving treatment and the doctor hasn’t cleared him.

If a change of job occurs while treatment is on, worker’s compensation is still valid for the employee irrespective of whether the current pay is higher or lower than the previous pay.

Sometimes, a worker’s compensation is terminated if the employer discovers the employee is scouting for another job. This is fair and unjust on the part of the employee and he is expected to bring it to the notice of the employer’s insurance company as well as the employer. The employee also needs to get a lawyer, and an attempt could be made to resolve it through mediation.

Also, some workers could consider getting a part-time second job instead of outrightly leaving their current job.

This comes with the reduction of some benefits the compensation offers but not a total stoppage if he had resigned from working at his former place.

When taking a new job, it is imperative to weigh the pros and cons of the new job in relation to the new lifestyle the injury may have given you. This should include working hours, distance and proximity from place of residence to place of work, the company’s policy concerning employee’s health and safety, among other factors.

The employee should know that only staff of duly registered companies are entitled to compensation claims. So, while considering accepting that job offer, ensure that the potential employer’s company is properly registered to avoid losing the benefits of a worker’s compensation. 

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