How to let your employees view pay stubs online

Rohan Mathew

Pay Stubs, payslips, or paycheck stubs, are all the same things. When you pay an employee of your company they get their paychecks from you. The pay stub is something that outlines the necessary details of their pay for each pay period. Pay stubs are important if you are an employee because you may need them any time to show your income or employment

When it comes to printing the pay stub manually, it’s a headache, and a waste of time, money, and paper. So the employees should be given access and awareness to view their pay stubs online

Reasons for switching to online pay stubs

As an employer, this is one of the best and beneficial decisions that you can make for yourself and your staff. Switching to an online system for pay stubs will give you many financial benefits. By using the online system you can improve the business strategy by saving money spent on papers, envelopes, stamps, ink, and printing. This gesture would enable you to play an active part in saving the environment. By adopting the paperless option you are playing a role in the conservation of trees and this is very good for the environment. By adopting the paperless route you are saving a lot of time. The time you used in printing, folding, arranging and mailing letters would be utilized in more productive things. Time is money and in this case, you are saving a lot of time by using the internet instead of paper. The best part of using the online system is that it always keeps a proper record of your pay stubs. This thing would be very helpful to you, your employees and 1099 independent contractors. You do not need to organize pay stubs and there is no need to worry about losing or re-printing pay stubs. If you put the wrong pay stub in the wrong envelope then it would result in an awkward situation among the employees, by adopting the online system you can avoid this risk. You can also update the system as time passes. The best part about going paperless is that the online system is very easy as compared to the traditional ones

Programs that can be used

While processing online pay stubs you can make use of two programs.


Hutility made this website for small to medium-sized businesses. It is very easy, if you are an employee, just log in to the online portal and you can virtually access your previous pay stubs and tax documents from anywhere. No need to change the software completely, because by using InStaff you can keep the existing software and save money and time. Many Enterprise resource planning systems work in congruence with InStaff and they include Spectrum, QuickBooks, Viewpoint, Pay Stub Generator, and Sage 300. This software was designed to work as an addition in collaboration with your already existing software so that the small businesses don’t spend a lot of money on this. The additions are optional and you can add them whenever you want. If you are thinking that InStaff would cost you thousands of dollars, then you are wrong! The starting rate is just $20. The add-ons can be tracing clock-in and clock-outs, the documents you want to share with people, a full employee portal, and much more. The add-ons will cost you a little more but you would not regret using this. The best part is that, if you don’t want to use any feature or you want to exclude it then you don’t need to pay for that feature. So the process is quite easy and the service is very flexible


This is another software like InStaff. If you are an employee and want to view W-2s and pay stubs then the QuickBooks software program is for you. This one is slightly different from InStaff. You can use this software for just 35 dollars a month at the start, so it costs a little more than the previous one. The ideal number of users for this software lies between 1 and 99, while in the case of instaff it is 2-1000. Both the software, QuickBooks and InStaff have similar five-star ratings, in some common areas, which include customer-support, user-friendliness, functions, features, and the value of expense added into it. When you consider QuickBooks and InStaff in terms of the product features then QuickBooks is better than the other one. When you consider the software training then both offer different types of training to their users. QuickBooks will provide you face-to-face, in-person, and documentation training. On the other hand, InStaff provides the users with online training along with the documentation procedure. No doubt that QuickBooks costs a little more than the other software but it gives you access to more features in return

No matter which software you choose for this purpose but a smooth software can help you a lot and it is a solid way to streamline the payment process which gives you peace of mind