How To Make A Cheese Board In 30 Minutes Tips & Tricks

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How To Make A Cheese Board In 30 Minutes Tips & Tricks

Unexpected guests burst into your place? And you are completely unprepared for their arrival! There is a way out – prepare a unique dish for the table, which can be both an appetizer and a main course – a cheese board!

And if you don’t know what a cheese board is, let’s first go through the history of its origin with our partner Royal Craft Wood, a manufacturer of cutting boards, cheese boards and other sustainable kitchen utensils made from natural bamboo!

From the history of cheese board

We feel that you are already itching to learn how to make a cheese board, but let’s go in order! 

Cheese boards have a long and storied history that dates back centuries. The earliest known cheese board was discovered in 17th century France, and is believed to be one of the first examples of domesticated cheese being served as an accompaniment to a meal. Cheese boards were popular among French nobility, who often served their meals on elaborately decorated platters with a variety of specially prepared cheeses.

How To Make A Cheese Board In 30 Minutes Tips & Tricks

In the 18th century, the concept spread throughout Europe, and soon became associated with the fine dining experience. This was especially true in Britain, where fine dining establishments would serve elaborate cheese boards as part of their entrees. At this time, different regions developed their own unique styles of cheese board presentation.

The 19th century saw a growth in popularity for the humble cheese board. Restaurants began offering more elaborate cheese boards as part of their menu offerings, and many homes had dedicated cheese boards that could be used to entertain guests. In particular, the English countryside was home to many small family-run businesses producing artisanal regional cheeses for sale at local markets and fairs. These small businesses helped popularize regional varieties like Cheddar, Wensleydale and Cheshire cheeses which are still widely enjoyed today.

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What are cheese boards now

Today, cheese boards are still popular but have evolved far beyond what they once were; now there are countless variations on the traditional presentation style that make them suitable for any occasion or palate preference. Whether it’s a casual gathering or formal dinner party, there’s sure to be a perfect selection of gourmet cheeses available to suit everyone’s tastes! From classic French cremeux to flavorful Italian gorgonzola and robust Spanish manchego – there’s something for everyone on a modern cheese board!

How to make a cheese board platter

Making a cheese board platter is a great way to indulge in delicious flavors and share an enjoyable snack with family and friends. When gathering the ingredients for your board, aim for variety – both in terms of different cheeses and other accompaniments. Here are some tips on how to assemble a show-stopping cheese board platter that will impress your guests!

When selecting the cheeses, aim to pick at least one soft, one semi-soft, one hard and one blue cheese. This will ensure there is something for everyone’s tastes. Look out for interesting and unique cheeses, such as smoked gouda, truffle brie or cheddar infused with onion & chive. To create an eye-catching display, think about color, texture and size when arranging the cheeses on the platter.

In addition to cheese, you can also add breads or crackers to the plate. Try to provide a variety of shapes and textures – from crisp flatbreads to crunchy sesame crackers – so that people can choose their favorite pairing for each type of cheese. You can also include tasty accompaniments such as different jams or honeys, olives, pickles or nuts which all work well with cheese.

For extra decoration you can include fresh fruit like grapes or strawberries; these look beautiful when laid around the food items but also provide a great contrast in taste when eaten along with salty snacks like cured meats or marinated vegetables like artichoke hearts. Finally don’t forget to bring out some utensils so people can serve themselves easily – little wooden boards are ideal for this purpose.

A delicious homemade cheese board platter is sure to be enjoyed by everyone around the table! And remember above all else have fun while preparing it – take pride in creating something special that looks good and tastes amazing!

Now you know absolutely everything about how to make a cheese and charcuterie board and you can not only prepare a delicious treat, but also surprise your guests with an interesting story of how the dish was created.

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