How Sociallyin Uses Fundbox To Focus On What They Do Best

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How Sociallyin Uses Fundbox To Focus On What They Do Best

Finding a constant cash flow supply is a significant challenge for small businesses. Many times, eager startups have to offer their services or products on credit and receive payments later. But, internal and external factors can slow down the rate of pay received from different clients leaving many startups chasing cheques for long periods. The strained cash flow limits the businesses from growing and acquiring new material resources that can improve the quality of their services. So was the case for Sociallyin, a company founded to help other businesses succeed in social media.

How Sociallyin Uses Fundbox Fund for Their Growth 

Financing For Everyday Expenditure 

SociallyIn has signed a contract with Fundbox to receive cash flow injection for its everyday expenses. SociallyIn uses the money to improve its services and grow its business nationally without much strain. With this partnership, the social media marketing agency does not have to chase cheques to get things moving in the company. The Fundbox cash pays its employees salaries which positively affects job satisfaction and reduces turnover rates. 

Buying New, Advanced Equipment And Tools

Even as an established company with a more stable cash flow, Sociallyin still uses Fundbox to help them grow. At one time, Kakadia approached Fundbox seeking money to buy new, modern photography equipment that would help them produce higher-quality images. Fundbox partnered with him on this project, as it still does on many others. With this financial help, Sociallyin launches many fruitful campaigns for small businesses to help them grow their online audience. They also help large companies with over a million online followers manage their large audience to keep them interested and informed. SocialliyIn helps businesses tell their stories online, turning them into a masterpiece that can become award-winning social media campaigns. 

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Money To Grow Their Business Beyond Mississippi

During its inception, Sociallyin’s CEO Kakadia did most of the marketing work and followed up on clients who owed the company money. The company saw an opportunity in the market upon realizing that many Mississippi businesses did not know how to use the newly launched social media platforms for marketing themselves. Fundbox helped Sociallyin hire more staff and pay them when facing tight deadlines. They still turn to Fundbox for similar transactions, allowing the company management to focus on nurturing their employees’ creative talents and helping businesses tell their stories through online campaigns.

Support For Their Move To Narrow Down Their Portfolio.

In the beginning, Sociallyin offered many different services. Still, they realized that the agency’s major strength lay in social media marketing. They decided to narrow down their portfolio and focus on helping businesses grow on Facebook and Twitter, the most popular platforms then. Fundbox provided the funds necessary to market its new portfolio to targeted populations.  The money lender is helping SociallyIn to execute their portfolio to date. Currently, the funds from Fundbox help SociallyIn to increase visibility and dominance on all social media platforms.

Installation Of New Billing And Invoice System 

With the Fundbox monies, SociallyIn invests in more efficient, simple, and effective ways that make billing and invoicing easier for them and their clients. Before the partnership with Fundbox, Sociallyin used Quickbooks to issue its invoices to clients. Clients often encountered trouble accessing the data, resulting in significant payment delays going up to $20,000. But with ] Fundbox, SociallyIn gets upfront payments for pending invoices within 24 hours. 

Funding New Projects, Some Of Which Earned Sociallyin Global Recognition

With the right equipment and tools funded by Fundbox, Sociallyin produces high-quality work that stands out to give businesses much-needed brand visibility. One notable project is a campaign that Kakadia has done for a landscaping company on Facebook after the launch of Facebook’s “canvas ad feature.” The feature helps businesses tell their stories using a powerful combination of imagery. SociallyIn used videos, still images, and call-to-action buttons to tell the client’s story. Facebook was ecstatic about how SociallyIn used this new feature, so they reached out to him to have the campaign on their blog and featured it on their AdWeek. Over time, more online platforms are picking up the project and using it for different marketing purposes.

Fundbox is a reliable partner for financing Sociallyin and many more businesses in diverse industries. The lender has high ceilings on their funding, going up to $150,000, offered at a reasonable interest.  Fundbox’s application process is straightforward, and the staff can guide new applicants and explain the repayment process in detail. The San Francisco-based working capital platform helps Sociallyin execute many everyday tasks and long-term projects. 

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