How to Make a professional Screen cast with Wondershare DemoCreator

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A digital video recording of a screen along with the narratives is a screencast. It is a type of instructional video to deliver information in a better way. A screencast is for screen capture or a screen recording to share ideas, themes, opinions, and elaborate on any topic. It is the best solution to save time for other productive activities as you don’t need to re-answer the question again and again.

A screencast can be of different types: training videos, tutorials, presentation recordings, or any video session. Screencasting has been very useful for a long time for the viewers and the creators. The audience can re-watch the video easily whenever they want.

It is convenient for people to create a slide, presentation video, or a tutorial about a certain topic with a basic knowledge of technology in today’s time. To make a video, they require a device with screencasting software to record the screen.

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What is screen recording?

Screen recording means to capture the screen or recording whatever is observable on your screen. A software that is used to convert output on screen to a video. You can catch the movement of the mouse cursor and audio. It is also possible to add an audio narrative while recording the screen. 

Uses of screen recordings 

Screen recording is helpful in various fields; education, business, medical, and many more. Screen recorder is a highly useful software that saves your time. These are very useful to record step by step procedures to elaborate something efficiently. It helps both creators and viewers in different ways. The creator uses a screen recorder with audio to identify the mistakes and rectify those by editing. The audience or viewers use screen recordings to watch later if they had missed any vital information.

Screen recordings assist the teachers in delivering an online lecture and take online classes. The students may use screen recording to learn or revise the courses. They can move back or forward to a certain point to capture the exact information. Businesses also use screen recording to give their workers training to enhance their skills and competencies. They were recording the screen using a screen recorder to assist in the psychological and medical field.

How to use a screen recorder with audio? 

Screen recordings have numerous uses depending upon the requirements of the user. People can use a screen recorder to record or show their screen. This comprises online sessions, presentations, learning materials, PowerPoint slides, or gamers for entertaining purposes.There is various screen recording software available, but here, we will discuss only DemoCreator screen recorder and its unique and creative feature. You can record targeted portions of the screen and eliminated unwanted parts from the recording as well. 

DemoCreator screen recorder enables you to record your screen to capture presentations, desktop, tutorials, video demonstrations, games, PowerPoint slides.First of all, you need to install the Wondershare DemoCreator application on your device where you want to start working. After installing the DemoCreator screen recorder, you need to click on the application icon to open it for further proceedings.

There are two options available on the DemoCreator window screen; caption and Video editor. The caption allows you to start recording the content displaying on the screen and the Video editor option enables you to edit previously saved recordings. 

Here you can select the targeted region to start your recording. And adjust the screen size.

There are few settings options available in Wondershare DemoCreator software. It can enable you to pick according to your choice and make modifications. 

  • Recording screen

Here is a different option in the screen recording section on the left corner; you can make changes accordingly.

  • Drawing on Screen

    A special feature meanwhile recording your screen is available with DemoCreator. You can easily opt for the Screen drawing tool with a single button available to you within the screen recorder interface as follows:
  • Recording the camera 

Select the camera recording if you want to add webcam recording along with the video.

  • Recording audio

You can make related adjustments for recording audio.

  • Spotlight and Other Drawing Features

    With DemoCreator Screen Drawing Tool, you can spotlight your desired space on the recording screen to put emphasis on. To do that, simply hit the Spotlight button available to you within the menu bar of this toolkit with the cursor effect menu button as follows:
  • Advance setting options

In the advance setting option, various settings can be changed if your content requires such changes. The adjustments can depend on the screen size, size of the particular market area, and the software.

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Editing the recorded screen to enhance Screencast Look 

Wondershare DemoCreator empowers editing actions on recorded videos to create a pleasing, eye-catching, and professional look. The unique features of Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder enable the user to make effecting editing using:

Add Annotations 

Using annotation, you can add short texts and explain the content elements more powerfully.


Transition Effects 

The transition effects on the recording video give an enchanting appearance to the audience.

Caption Effects 

Adding captions in the recording using DemoCreator make the video more presentable.

Sticker Effects 

Stickers are small pictures that you can add to the recording to enhance the style of recording 

Cursor effects 

 The cursor effect is a unique and creative feature highlighting the cursor, adding sound on the left and right-click, and much more innovative features.

Crop video 

If you want to remove some portions of the recording, you can use the crop option to the preferred size.

Audio Editing

Although the video editing feature is splendid with Wondershare DemoCreator, but here is the kicker with the audio editor as you can also opt for the audio altering techniques as well. To do that, hit the right-click over your desired audio file within the timeline and opt for the Edit Audio option available to your as follows:

Fade-in/Fade-out Audio 

With DemoCreator special audio editing feature, you can now do the fading with your audio file right within the timeline that too without any hassle. So, to do that. Edit your audio with the slider available to you within the audio file. To perform the fade-in and fade out function, hit the left-most slider or right-most slider of your audio file.


At times there is much noise in the background of the video recording. To resolve this issue, the de-noise effect is useful for this purpose to eliminate unwanted sounds.

Green screen effects

One of the fascinating features of the Wondershare DemoCreator is the green-screen effect. It replaces the background with green background.

Export the video

Once you have done video recording and editing, you can upload/export your video on social media platforms. There are various format options available in the drop-down menu as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3.

Steps to export a video

  • Choose the “Export option” from the ribbon top bar tab.
  • Click on the desired format option for the video from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on the export button at the bottom.

Fast Export Option

Sometimes, to perform the hassle free and quick export to your recordings, going for the regular export may be time consuming. Hence with DemoCreator FastExport option, you can do that with no extra steps rather than a single click. To proceed with it, select the file within the media library and then hit the FastExport button from the menu list as follow:


Screen recorder isvery beneficial for educational, industrial, and business purposes. Various software is being used for screen recording, but this article will help you cover Wondershare DemoCreator screen recorder’s related information.DemoCreator screen recorder provides spectacular enactment and deals with remarkable video recording and editing knowledge. DemoCreator software is perfect for Presentation Recording, Online learning, editing videos, and video tutorials to share with people, Game recording to elaborate gaming experiences.