How To Make Use Of Putty To Beautify Your Home

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In This Article, We Are Going To Learn How To Make Use Of Putty To Beautify Your Home


Have you ever looked at the walls of your home and felt how smooth it is? The smoothness and evenness of the walls attract the attention of all. This is achieved by the wall putty that is applied to the walls. But do you know that you can use this same putty to beautify your home? It might sound funny that applying putty can beautify your home, but it is the truth.

Various companies are indulged in the business of painting the walls. All these companies follow the basic strategy of applying the putty before giving the finish color touch to the walls. When we talk about some of the prominent ones like Malerkanonen, these too focus on the wall putty. Let us find out what this putty is and how you can use it to beautify your home.

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About Wall Putty

The wall putty is the white cement that consists of minerals and top quality polymer. It is used to apply on the walls before painting the walls with beautiful colors and texture. It can be easily applied on many wall bases like the rendered walls, precast walls, aerated light-weight blocks, concrete, etc. The key usage of the putty is to give the smooth finish and feather touch to the walls. The wall putty is typical of two types:

  • Acrylic Wall Putty

This is a form of the paste that can be directly applied to the wall.

  • Cement Based Wall Putty

This is powder form putty that is mixed with water to create a paste, and this paste is then applied on the wall.

Tips to Apply Wall Putty

The prime tips that need to be followed while applying the wall putty are as follows:

  • Wear gloves and mask while applying the wall putty
  • Focus on the creaks and cracks
  • Try to fill in the cracks evenly
  • Allow the putty to get dried fully
  • Apply the putty
  • at least twice to get the smooth and silky finish
  • Use the sandpaper to get rid of the bulges if any
  • Apply putty on the dust and dirt free base

Using Putty to Beautify Home

Now once we know what putty is and what are the tips of applying putty, it is crucial to know how you can beautify the home by applying the wall putty. The basic features that help to beautify the home are:

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  • Smooth Finish

The putty provides a smooth surface to apply paint and color. The finish it provides to the wall is feather touch and smooth. When the surface is smooth to apply the paint, then the texture and the shade that is derived is even better and prettier.

  • Even Walls

Even smooth walls are liked by all. The putty removes the bulges and rough areas. This gives a smooth and even touch to the walls. The cracks and creaks and filled up and the looked that is finally presented is just perfect.

  • No Scrappy colors

The color when applied to the walls directly, looks scrappy. The chances of falling off the color increases. Also, the color looks shabby and dirty. When the same color is applied on the putty wall, the look is silk-finish like.

  • Bright and Shiny walls

The wall putty helps the wall look shiny and bright. When applied to the smooth finish wall, the color looks more bright and sunny. This fills the home with happiness and positivity.

  • Better life

The wall putty increases the life of the wall as well as color. It makes them water and dust resistant. This makes the wall look lively for a long period.


Walls are the mirror and the support system of the house. To make them look beautiful and enhance their life, it is vital to add putty to the wall before painting them. Wall Putty when applied with sheer perfection increases the beauty and aesthetic look of the walls. So choosing the right type of the wall putty will give the dazzling look to the wall, which is worth time spend.

We Learned How To Make Use Of Putty To Beautify Your Home