How CPD Accredited Training Can Be Utilised to Great Effect In Getting a Promotion

Rohan Mathew

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Career progression is something that many of us strive for, not only does this often lead to higher income, something many of us desire but also opens up new opportunities, experiences, and skills that can be transferred to other careers or organisations. On top of that, promotions simply offer a great sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

However, it is harder than ever to gain these promotions, in the current economic climate, business owners, directors and managers are having to be even more selective with those who are offered a promotion while we wait to see how long the pandemic will last. However, there is a way employees can get ahead of the game and make sure they stand out from their colleagues and that is high-quality CPD accredited training. If you have never heard of CPD training accreditation or want to learn how CPD accredited courses can help gain a promotion, read on for some of the best ways to utilise courses with CPD accreditation.

What Is A CPD Accredited Course?

These courses are designed by professionals to help the learner progress in their career or field of interest. They are available online and can be undertaken at the learner’s own pace, meaning there are no deadlines and personal and working life won’t be negatively impacted.

Courses vary from short, bite-sized courses to lengthier more in-depth ones so they really do cater for everyone.

While there are many online training courses out there, what makes these different is they possess independent CPD accreditation. This means an external body has checked the content to ensure accuracy and that all information is up-to-date, giving value for money and the best information possible at the same time.

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How Can CPD Accreditation Help Get A Promotion?

Here are just a few of the ways CPD accreditation can help employees get that sought-after promotion.

  1. Impresses The Boss

Putting in extra hours and taking on more responsibilities is the first step to impressing the decision-makers in the office. However, this doesn’t guarantee promotion and many employers would expect this from staff anyway.

By showing an active interest in the sector and a keen need to grow, employees can make it clear to their managers that they are actively pushing themselves in every way possible to improve themselves and the businesses.

When undertaking a CPD course, individuals should always be vocal with what they are doing. This will immediately impress any boss and show that they are a valuable member of staff.

  1. Get Ahead Of The Game

We can’t all be the best at everything and it is common to be competing for a promotion alongside a colleague. This can make decisions incredibly difficult for managers, especially if two or more employees have the same ability and work-ethic.

CPD accredited courses are a great way to stand out from other colleagues, as there are thousands of courses available within most sectors, even if a colleague is also undertaking this form of training, there is always the ability to push further and do more than they are.

Friendly competition should always be encouraged at work and all employees should be vocal with managers and colleagues as to what they are doing to improve themselves. It could even lead to another role being created as more than one employee being given a promotion.

  1. Keeps Staff Interested

Even the most educated and experienced employees will be overlooked for a promotion if their interest and passion for the sector aren’t at the expected level.

Interest can dwindle over time, especially if someone has been within the same role, organisation or sector for a number of years. By completing a CPD accredited course, passion and interest can be reignited.

This will reflect in daily work life, the more interest in a subject, the better work is produced and more questions will be asked, showing managers and peers dedication to the sector.

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  1. Shows Off Management Skills

Making the jump into management isn’t easy for everyone, even if they are ready to do so, it can be hard to show this to bosses. CPD accredited courses can provide new skills, insights and knowledge within the sector and this newfound information should be shared with colleagues to ensure everyone is trained in the newest methods.

Employees can take this opportunity to volunteer their time to train their colleagues in what they have learnt. This shows initiative while also providing a platform to present training skills and the ability to take on a management role.

While CPD accredited courses can’t guarantee a promotion, they can certainly help many individuals prove they are ready to progress, while also being ahead of other colleagues. There are courses within almost every sector and range from as little as £10, so there really is no excuse not to do one!