How to Optimize Facebook Ads for Better Results

Rohan Mathew

Facebook is the social network with the largest number of registered users in the world. When you use Facebook, scrolling your timeline, in addition to the updates of your added friends and Facebook pages you followed, you will find the information about products or services you consumed or just viewed. That’s Facebook Ads, which transfers Facebook traffic to brands’ profile or website.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is Facebook’s advertising system. Through it you can promote your Facebook page, online store, products, blogs, or events, in addition, you only pay for the clicks and impressions that your ads receive. According to Quantum Marketer, Facebook Ads are usually carried out in the form of a campaign, which can be customized, you can keep it active as long as you want.

All you need for running a campaign is an attractive message with photos or videos, Facebook Ads will take care of the rest, well, just like Google Ads, the platform is in charge of analyzing which may be the most appropriate target audience to engage with your ads.

Types of campaign you can do with Facebook Ads

Before knowing the number of options that Facebook Ads puts at your disposal, you must be clear with what purpose you have while using this tool, and most importantly, you need to decide which payment policy is the best for you:

– Pay per click: it is ideal if you plan to generate traffic to your products or services via Facebook

– Pay for impressions: it is the best option when you need to generate traffic to your Facebook page.

These are the types of campaign you can do with Facebook Ads:

– Post promotion

– Promotion of website

– Serving ads to users geographically close to your business

– Serving ads to users who don’t know of your business, but may be interested in your services or products

– Increase installations of application

– Increase the number of interactions in brand events

– Get more video views

– Promote product catalog, discount, brand news, etc

Why should you do advertising on Facebook?

These are some of the advantages of Facebook Ads that you should know:

– Audience segmentation. Thanks to all the data that Facebook has on users, no matter what your target user is, you can create a special advertising campaign to find the corresponding user group and make accurate content promotion.

– A/B ad testing for performance growth. Marketers can display near-identical ads (with minor differences) to see which adjustments perform better over time, with data.

– Affordable and low cost. Facebook Ads are freely available to all businesses, and the Ads Manager tool is free as well, the only cost is the cost associate with supplying a budget and running ads. The cost of running ads on Facebook is determine by a lot of factors (your budget, your ad types, industry, etc.), but generally marketers should expect to pay anywhere from a few cents to a couple dollars per click.

How to optimize a Facebook Video Ad?

The most common Facebook Ad is Image Ad. The style of image used plays an important role and the most preferred type of image is an image with text and other elements in it. But Video Ad is seen as more effective, because they can convey more messages in a more attractive way. 

Whether it’s an image ad or a video ad, the key is design. First of all, basic ideas and creativity are needed. But when it comes to execution, a design tool is also so important. 

There are two tools we think are most recommended for designing Facebook Ads:


FilmoraGo is a video editing application for smartphones, both Android and iOS. It’s very simple in operation, with many powerful editing features, so it is recommended for beginners, especially for most Apple users, the app is the best iOS video editor.

– Simple Interface. You can find every option on the screen and just tap to use them. Editing tools, like split, copy, reserve, adjust speed, PIP, etc., are essential. There are all kinds of filters, stickers, transitions and thousands of royalty music resource for users to choose. And users can save or directly share the video results to various social media such as Facebook (in your case you will create a Facebook Ad), Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and so on. 

– Special features. FilmoraGo for iPhone is now equipped with AR Camera, you can use facial props and do face beautification while shooting the video. And there’s another feature called Double Take, which gives you the ability to use iPhone two front and rear cameras.


Canva can be defined as an online graphic design tool for those who are not graphic designers. It is a website with multiple tools and options to create visual content in a very intuitive way for all types of formats: social networks, posters, website banners, etc. 

Canva allows you to make designs in a fast and seemingly simple way, there are a lot of templates to choose. In addition, the tool is updated almost daily, which means that you can get new ideas every day. How impressive!


Real knowledge always comes from practice, this is the eternal truth. The optimization of Facebook Ads involves many aspects, the attributes of products or services, the target group, the advertising time and region, the type of advertising, etc. Any slight change may bring huge changes and different results, and the optimization requires continuous experimentation by marketers, and then accumulate experience, success is never an overnight process. 

Of course, the most important thing is products and services. All marketing is based on good products and high-quality services.

Thanks a lot for reading!