How To Pick The Best Golf Clubs

Rohan Mathew

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Buying the right golf clubs for yourself is very important. The golf clubs that suit your buddies might not go well with you. That is why you need to try it yourself before buying something that disturbs your game. A little homework is something you can get into. It will help you to understand all the possibilities and picking the best suited golf clubs to boost your game.

So here we are with a simple yet useful guide on How To Pick The Best Golf Clubs. Let us get started.

  • Length – To buy best golf clubs for beginners, you should consider its length. Now how you do you choose the right length. It depends on the height of the player. Along with that you need to check the shaft as well. Usually graphite is used in making the shafts so that it match to the needs of the different players.

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Also the length will vary for men and women as per their height. You can check out this chart to get more


Shorter than 5’5″

½” shorter than standard

5’5″ to 6’1″


Taller than 6’1″

Over length


Shorter than 5’3″

Petite length

5’3″ to 5’7″


  • Grip – The grip of your club has to be excellent in order to provide the desired swing. The Best Beginner Golf Clubs have a thick grip which allows them to swing properly. But it should not be too thick or too thin as the same can have a negative impact. Therefore make sure you have a look at the different golf clubs and choose a decent one.
  • Loft angle – The next thing in the list of the Best Golf Club Buying Guide is the loft angle. Now loft angle is formed between your shaft and the club face. If the angle is higher, it can lead to higher ball rise and steeper descend. While the lower angle will allow the ball to go a longer distance. Therefore you need to be wise enough to make the best possible selection.
  • Based on the type – The golf clubs can be purchased based on its type as well. You have the driver, driver models, driver shape and driver loft.

Hack Golf offers different kinds of golf clubs fitted for your needs, you can check them online.

In the driver category, you will come across materials like titanium or even composite. Flexibility is something which is achieved through these materials and ideal for drivers.

Then you have the various driver models which have options like offset, neutral and draw. One can have a look at these models and pick the most apt from them.

Based on the driver shape too, you have the variety of golf clubs. You will come across the square shaped clubs which are quite better than the old design. So pick smartly.

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Driver loft as already discussed will have an impact on the swing. Fast swing, average swing and slow swing are the three options that will come your way.

  • Shaft flexes – Now flex is another aspect as the amount of bend in the swing will be based on the kind of flex you choose. You have five styles of shaft flexes you can go for. The clubhead speed is what will help you to choose the shaft. Stiffer shafts do not fulfil the purpose not the flexible ones. The shaft should be able to provide the desired swig and forgiveness.
  • Specialty clubs – These are the clubs which are meant for specialists or pro. Lob wedges are something that can again boost your game. In total you can owe only 14 clubs so you need to be careful in picking the right set to enhance your game.

So this was a quick and short guide on How To Pick The Best Golf Clubs. Everything depends on your game level and the kind of club you are searching for. You can also go online and get help from there. The only idea is to be familiar with the golf clubs and the options open before you.

The right selection of the clubs can make a lot of difference to your game and boost your performance too. So never be in a hurry but take your time and then reach to any decision. Hope this guide really proves beneficial to you. Have a great game!