How To Prepare For The New Academic Year From Home

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

In 2019, at the end of the decade, we all thought that this new decade will bring a rejuvenated zeal and brand new enthusiasm. However, it has been a dull year so far.

And the new academic year is going to begin soon, too. So, have you decided how to go ahead with this new academic year and have you developed new goals that you wish to achieve in this year of your student life? If not, do not worry as we are here to help you with it.

According to a survey, it is estimated that close to 56.4 million students will be attending school this year, across all age groups. Hence, do not panic, with this article we will try to find out the ways in which you can prepare yourself and be confident to start the new academic year amidst this pandemic!

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Change is Constant and Adapting makes you Strong

A lot of things will change this year. Maybe you will miss your classrooms more, and you will not be spending your recess at the cafeteria or on the playgrounds with your friend. You will have to stay at home! However, that does not mean it is over!

Get ready to learn from a laptop and prepare your schedules accordingly. Sync it with your friends, so that when it is recess time, you guys can spend some time virtually, while having your lunch or a snack. Where there is a will, there will definitely be a way. Hence, your virtual screen time may increase, but at least you can stay connected with your friends!

Prepare a set of goals you want to achieve this Year

Start setting a group of objectives and chart out how you want to achieve it. You may have a list of novels that you want to strike off your to-read list or you may have a set of subjects you want to excel in.

Make sure you have prepared it along with the curriculum in hand as you have a lot to do this year and it could get stressful, too.

Arrange your desk and gear up for classes from Home

The best way to do this will be to set up a place in your bedroom or home. It can be your designated classroom for the months ahead. Make sure it is surrounded by books and stationery and has your weekly planner, your assignments, your notebooks and your clock organized around it.

Monotony helps in developing habits, and this is the place where you should take all your online tutoring services so that you do not break the flow or feel lost during the class.

Constructing an anti-stress regime

This is by far going to be the greatest challenge in this academic year. We are always stressed out when things do not happen our way, and the same is reflected upon the work we do. If our anti-stress program is not flexible, we will still be stressed out.

Hence, the best thing will be to develop little exercises, through which you can relieve stress at home itself. It can be singing out loud in the showers, listening to music, dancing to loudspeakers or even reading things you like. However, please make sure it is evenly spaced out throughout the day!

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Time Management will bring you success

This academic year, start off with a plan to utilize time effectively. Try dividing your day into leisure and studies and ensure you are not mixing up the two! When you are attending online  classes, make sure you give it  your wholehearted attention.

Then, cool it off with some leisurely activities. Take some rest, play, and then prepare for your homework. Remember, being at home doesn’t mean you need to keep studying or keep playing incessantly. Maintain a balance.

Keep your mind occupied

An empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Hence, the key to performing well would be to keep yourself engaged in one activity or the other. With a new task in mind, you will always keep stress at bay, provided you do not procrastinate.

In conclusion

This year may not be like any other year. However, if your planning is right, you will be able to keep yourself away from the  stress caused by the pandemic. In the end, remember to not overwhelm yourself with everything that’s going on around you. You will be out of it before you even know it!