How to prepare yourself for a maiden motorcycle tour

Rohan Mathew

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Traveling is a hobby of adventurous people. They want to explore places that they haven’t explored before. So, traveling is actually a leisure time which you spend with your family and friends. A trip on a motorbike gives you the opportunity to meet locals, and you have the freedom to go anywhere you want to. But before starting up to make sure to choose your destination wisely.

You should know where you have to go and the road should be friendly. 

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Pack-up light

Before traveling makes sure you are not carrying unnecessary things along. Because it will put the extra burden on you and your bike.

Dress in an appropriate way

Dress in a proper way. You should be dressed up with a riding jacket, helmet, suitable pants, riding gloves, comfortable boots, and other riding accessories. These gears will help you to prevent serious injuries if an accident or crash occurs. Make sure your jacket should not be sleeveless. These gears will also prevent you from insect bikes and June bugs.

To look classy while traveling on your two-wheeler try out Viking Cycle’s men’s motorcycle vests attire. And for those of you females who own a bike and want a lightweight fashionable riding outfit, go with Viking Cycle’s women motorcycle vests collection. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Try to drink 12 to 16 ounces of water four hours before traveling. It will keep your joints lubricated, maintain body temperature, and prevent you from infections. It will help you to stay hydrated because if you have a lack of water in your body you will feel exhausted and tired because your muscles will be stressed out.


 If you have a plan for staying overnight somewhere during your trip, you must book your room in the hotel first, before leaving. Because some time booking is full and you can’t get a room easily for a night stay. Planning before you leave can also save your time and you are able to achieve your goals quickly.

 Planning for fuel

You should be aware of how much distance you can cover with full fuel. Or either you have to go with a half-filled fuel tank so that you can stop, refill your fuel, have some tea break, and stretch. 

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Take a break

 It’s very much important to take a break while traveling. Must have coffee or tea break and enjoy leisure time. Because if you keep on moving you will get exhausted soon and it will cause saddle sores too. Also, make sure that your bike needs refueling, in order to prevent yourself from difficulty.

 Get yourself prepared for uncertain weather

 Before heading off for a trip make sure to dress up yourself according to the weather. Be ready for uncertain weather, either it can be rainy or harsh sunny weather. When you are riding to the mountainous area the climate changes in minutes from hot to cold. So get yourself prepared for the evolving temperature. You can get a huge collection of motorcycle gears from the Viking cycle and can enjoy your ride.

Enjoy your journey with your favorite soundtracks

Traveling on the highway may cause sound pollution sometimes. So in order to avoid pressure in your ears put on your earplugs, and enjoy your favorite soundtrack with a ride.

       Prepare your bike

Before starting your trip make sure your bike should be in good condition and you should have its license. you can use rokform’s motorcycle phone mount.

  • Check the condition of your tires

Checked the condition of motorbike tires. Must check analog pressure, digital meter monitoring is a convenient one. Also, check that if there is the presence of any hard foreign material stuck in it. Because sometimes a nail may be logged in them but they are not punctured. This may cause leakage of the air slowly, or the tire may get ruptured while you are traveling. 

  • Oil, water or fuel leakage monitoring

Must check the engine and the radiator hoses if there is any leakage of fuel, water, or oil from them. The white mark on the radiator indicates that there is less or loss of lubricants. 

  • Monitoring of breaks

Must check the wear indicator grooves while checking brake pads. Most of the motorcycle brake pads are molded or cut off from the surface. In this way, you can figure out how much of the unstable area is left. 

  • Monitoring headlights and other electrics.

Before traveling must check headlights will full and low beam. Monitor the indicators lights both left and right, brakes lights of both pedals and lever. Must check your motorbike horn as well. Start your bike and see the condition of your batteries, either battery is charged fully or just giving spark to the engine.