How To Propose A Girl Online

Rohan Mathew

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Although every girl would prefer a personal proposal if you have to propose her online and it’s the only option left then you might wanna do it perfectly. Yes, there would be no flowers or romantic settings so you will have to try hard to put your feelings in your text! And that’s the hardest part. But don’t worry because there is nothing impossible and you can do it as well.

To help you, we have come up with this article where we have mentioned a few tips which would help you to know how to propose a girl online. So let’s get started and find you some of the ways you can get your girl to say yes (by telling her how you actually feel about her).

  1. Find the right time 

This one is the most important thing you need to figure out if you are planning to propose a girl online. Since you don’t really know what they might be doing at the time you decided to propose or if they are able to talk to you over text, so it becomes important to know the right time.

If you have talked to her for a longer period of time then you must know which is the best time to talk to her and when she will be free to talk to you. You can also ask her if she would be able to talk to you because you don’t wanna propose her when she is busy or doesn’t pay attention to what you are saying.

So the bottom line, pick the right time like the late-night when she is fully occupied with your conversation.

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  1. Don’t drag the conversation 

If you have decided that you want to propose her then get to the point as soon as possible and don’t drag the conversation with the unnecessary jibber-jabber! You should start the conversation with a casual hello and then ask her if she is free as you want to talk something important.

Talking about unnecessary things will only make you more nervous and you might distract her or yourself. Although if she has something important to tell you then make sure you listen to her first as ignoring her might feel her sad and you don’t wanna do that right before you propose!

  1. Keep your proposal short 

You don’t have to write a thesis when it comes to writing a proposal text. The short version will do perfectly well. All you need to understand is how you feel about her and just put those feelings in the right words.

Just write a few lines about how much you like her and you want to be with her. The rest of the things can be discussed later but your original proposal shouldn’t be a long one.

  1. Be Calm 

This one is also an important tip and you have to keep in mind because it’s natural to get carried away and be over-excited when you are sharing your feelings online but that should not happen. You need to understand that you have to have a calm and sensitive conversation with the girl without looking too desperate as it can scare the girl a bit.

So talk to her in a calm and compose manner and make sure that you are not coming as a desperate person. If she is not replying at the moment don’t send multiple messages asking her for the answer instead wait until she replies.

  1. Keep the flirting going on 

You have to send them signals that you are into them, so try to flirt with them as much as possible and let them know that you are into them. Here you should keep the casual flirting going but try to avoid the dirty talk as it might offend them. Initiate the dirty talk when you are certain that she also wants that. You can send a naughty message and see if she is into it or not. But keep it subtle and don’t get carried away.

When it comes to setting the tone for your proposal, you should also pay her genuine compliments every now and then (make sure they are not that cheesy!) This will prepare her in a way and she won’t be shocked with your proposal either.

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  1. Respect her decision 

This one is the most important part. You have to understand that things do not always work out in a way you want so if for some reason she rejects your proposal then try to go accept the reject as calmly as possible.

You should also understand that rejection is not the end of the world and be prepared for rejection as well. And you should be able to move on as quickly as possible as well.

  1. Don’t propose her because she is flirting back! 

Sometimes guys misunderstood the casual flirting and decide to propose her but that should be the case. Just because she has flirted with you doesn’t mean she is into you. And to propose her, you should know her properly too. If you know her via the social media alone and never met her in person than you don’t wanna propose her either!

So these are some of the ways through which you can propose a girl online. These tips will certainly help you to put your feelings in a text. We hope the article has helped you for more helpful tips you can visit questionsgems. So thank you for visiting our page, we are glad we could help you!