How to Quickly Teach Your Pet Commands

Rohan Mathew

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A lot of pet owners want their animals to have good manners and respond to commands. The only way to achieve this is by teaching your pet commands. You will find the top instructions, tips to train correctly, and find the most widespread mistakes in the post below. 

Benefits of Teaching Pets Commands

For starters, training helps bond with your pet, which is the primary goal for most pet owners. By teaching your pet commands, it will be easy to manage your deer. A well-trained and supervised dog won’t run on a road or eat food from the ground.

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Top Commands for Pets

There are dozens of popular commands for pets. However, the majority of pet owners teach their dears only a few crucial ones. Scroll down below and discover how to teach your pet the most widespread commands.


Name is the first command that all pet owners teach their dears. This command helps to draw the attention of a pet when you refer to him. 

To teach your pet the name, you need to catch the sight of your furry friend and say his name 5-7 times. Give a treat if your pet keeps looking all the time. Then, let your pet get distracted and repeat. 


If you want to teach your pet to sit upon the command, you need to wait when your dear sits down on his own. After this, say the instruction and provide a treat. Repeat this exercise as long as it is needed until your pet understands that he will get a treat if he sits upon the command.

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This exercise is similar to the command ‘sit’. However, you need to teach your pet to sit as long as needed. Therefore, you need to ask your pet to sit and say the command ‘stay.’ After this, wait up to ten seconds and release a treat. 

Feel free to enlarge the time your furry friend needs to stay before releasing a treat during further training sessions.


Sometimes, pet owners want their furry friends to go to a particular place upon a command. If so, you need to choose a specific area for your pet in a house. Then, expect your furry friend to reach this place, say the command, and reward your pet. Repeat this exercise multiple times so that your dear will associate the instruction with a particular area. 

Tips To Teach Commands

Do you want your pet to learn commands fast? If so, scroll down below and check out the top tips to teach your furry friend commands. 

Eliminate Distractions

For starters, you should make your pet 100% focused on training. To achieve this goal, you should avoid any possible distractions. Don’t hesitate to train your pet in a separate room with closed curtains. 

Make Training Sessions Regular

To boost the process of learning new commands, you need to perform training sessions regularly. Remember, you need to teach your pet commands every day, even if you’re exhausted. Consistent training sessions will develop habits in your pet rapidly.

Treat your Pet

You need to always treat your pet while training. Reward-based learning is the most effective way to teach pets commands. 

If you don’t know how to pick treats that your pet will enjoy, examine the unbiased cat food reviews. They will help you find treats for your pet with ease. 

Common Mistakes

Most people perform top-3 mistakes while teaching their pets. If you want to make your training sessions effective, scroll down, and check the main fault to avoid. 

High Expectations

Remember, all pets learn at different paces. Therefore, you need to be patient. Never be angry and shout at your furry friend if he doesn’t understand what you want.

Bad Behavior Rewarding

Sometimes pet owners reward bad behavior by mistake, which should be avoided. For instance, when some people see that their cats dig claws into a sofa, they try to distract their feline by playing with them. It will build a connection in your cat’s brain that a scratched sofa leads to play. 

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Instinctive Behavior Elimination

People are unique creatures as they can control their emotions and calm impulsive behavior. However, animals don’t. In most cases, they’re driven by instincts and habits. 

Attempts to correct your pet’s natural behavior have poor chances to succeed and will always be stressful for your pet. The best option is to provide your pets with acceptable alternatives. For instance, if you don’t want your feline to sleep in a laundry basket, purchase a cat house. 

Final Words

Remember, there is no option to teach pet commands too fast. You have to be calm and consistent in training your pet to teach your furry friends to do particular actions upon an order. Also, you should always keep a positive attitude and stroke your pet.