How to Request a Movie/TV Show on Netflix

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Netflix is the go-to entertainment choice for all binge-watchers and streaming lovers. From old classics, new releases to originals produced by the SVoD, everyone relies on Netflix to kill boredom and watch TV shows/movies that serve as conversation starters and ice breakers for people. 

However, we often rely so much on what Netflix offers us that we forget that Netflix has a limited library. Some titles aren’t simply available on the streaming platform, and we all know how difficult finding a good alternative can be, especially considering all the copyright restrictions.

Not to mention, you wouldn’t want to sign up with another streaming service just to watch one title. This is where you can take advantage of Netflix and its “request a movie/TV show” feature. You can request the streaming platform to add a certain title to their library. 

How to Request a Movie/TV Show on Netflix: Easy Steps

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Have you ever searched for a movie/TV show and seen suggestions from the sidelines only to realize soon that the title isn’t available in the Netflix library? Well, you aren’t alone in this disappointment, as the streaming platform doesn’t host all movies/TV shows in the world. So, follow the steps below to learn how you can request a movie/TV show on Netflix:

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account with your credentials.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Help Center”.
  3. Go to Quick Links and select request movies or TV shows from Netflix.
  4. Provide your suggestions in the boxes.
  5. Click on the “Submit Suggestion” button. 

On the dedicated page, you can suggest up to 3 Netflix titles. Of course, asking a broadcaster to host the TV show does not mean that they will do so, but if many requests are recorded, the possibilities are high of it being added. Looking for a title to request? Check out these best shows on Netflix Australia!

How Do Title Requests on Netflix Work?

Fans of the canceled shows on network television often build campaigns trying to pressure Netflix to get their program rights and keep them. Fortunately, repeated requests often bring success.

For instance, Lucifer was revived as a result of a campaign aimed at reviving the title. Netflix answered the call, and the TV show became a real platform series. 

Although, Anne-E, before the cancellation, did not see the same success. Nonetheless, fans of the TV show are continuously campaigning for season 4 of the series.

Top 5 Canceled Netflix Shows that Fans Loved

Here is a list of the top five canceled shows on Netflix that fans loved. Of course, the interest of the Netflix fans helped them to get these shows back

  1. Sense8
  2. Lucifer
  3. The OA
  4. The Society
  5. Marvel’s Luke Cage

When Should You Request on Netflix?

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Requesting any title may be responded to or missed depending on its fame, but it has never been painful to request a series on Netflix, and you don’t know how many have put in the same request.

While you may be interested in why certain shows leave Netflix while others live, fans have an option to explains their request or follow these tips for an improved streaming experience.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t find your favorite show or movie in the Netflix catalog, you can always make a request. This option is amazing as it allows you to get even canceled Netflix shows back. The article above guides you on how to request movies or shows on Netflix.