How to Sell Your Used Car

Rohan Mathew

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Are you looking for the best ways to sell your used car in Australia? There can be hundreds of different ways to sell your car but choosing the best way that is more profitable is not a child’s play. You can follow some underlined trouble-free steps to sell your car at the best possible price.

These steps can range from getting a formal car validation to advertising online. For any newbie in the car selling market, the process could be a lot more exhausting than it seems. It is important to keep in mind that selling a car yourself is not so difficult, though it requires a lot of time and effort.

If you are aiming to sell your car by yourself at the best possible price within a short time period, follow the below mentioned steps.

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Step 1: Getting a Car Validation

Getting a car validation is the most important step that a lot of sellers do not take into account. This car validation can be taken from any car buying company or the car dealers. For this step, you do not necessarily need to visit the office or any showroom.

You can also choose to contact the authorities on phone to get an appropriate estimate for your car. This would get you an idea about the rough figure at which you can sell your car. It would be the best amount at which your car can be sold in the market.

Step 2: Set a Car Price

You can either sell the car at the suggested price of dealer and car buyer business, or add some additional amount in it. It is important that you set the price of the car as not so expensive compared with the market rate. Just make sure that you are selling at least a few bucks less than what the used car dealer is offering in the market.

Setting a good price is the most important aspect that buyers would focus on if you set the selling tone. You should remember that there are lots of alternatives available in the market and you need to set a catchy pitch to sell your car at the best rate.

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Step 3: Get Your Car Ready for Photo shoot

If you are dealing with the online buyers, they would demand pictures of the car. In this case, you need to make your car look presentable. Firstly, take your car for a wash-up which would cost you a few bucks but will help you in making your car much more attractive for the buyer.

Taking photos of the car could require some time and effort. You need to pick an attractive background to make your car look eye-catching. Choosing day light in the afternoon for the photo shoot should be preferable due to the lightening adjustments.

Moreover, having a quick revs check of your own used car which can be obtained online is always helpful to opt for a higher car sale price.

Step 4: Listing Your Car on the Online Platform

Selling your car through online platforms is the fastest root that you can choose. For listing your car on the online sites, you need to upload photos of your car, and add a price. Other features and characteristics of the car can also be enlisted in its description. Try to set the price as more attractive from the alternatives being offered on the web page. It would help you in selling the car more quickly.

In terms of the contact information, make sure to provide an active phone number where buyers can easily reach you. This way, the buyers will be able to easily negotiate the price and ask you any question if they need.

Step 5: Negotiating Price with the Buyers

Price negotiation can be expected from buyers. You need to make a complete research on which price is more feasible for you. You should definitely not sell lower than the market price and original worth of the car. 

Step 6: Choose the Suitable Payment Method

The worse option to choose for payments is personal checks. The cheque could bounce and your payment can fall at risk. Choose the payment options of Direct Bank Deposit, Cash Payment, or Bank Cheque for a safe payment.

Hurrah! The car has been sold.