How to Talk to Your Boss About Advancing Your Career as a Physician

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If you’ve been a hard-working physician for a while now, you might be thinking about how nice it’d be to get a promotion.

After all, you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your medical degree. And now you have been working hard at becoming a fantastic doctor. You deserve to advance in your career!

You’re ready to talk to your boss, but first, you’d like to know how to proceed.

Before talking to your boss about a promotion, here are five things that’ll set you up for success.

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1. Become a Leader

Even if you’re a natural-born leader, there are always ways to improve your skills.

If you’ve taken on a lot of responsibility and still have room for more, don’t shy away from hard work.

When you speak to your boss, he’ll be impressed by how hard you’ve worked to become an expert in your field.

When you talk, highlight the extra tasks you’ve taken over. You should also include how your leadership skills can improve the department.

Going above and beyond in your job will show your boss how serious you are growing in your position.

2. Always be Willing to Learn and Grow

Like enhancing your leadership skills, as you work hard to be the best doctor you can be, be willing to learn.

Being open to change and being okay with feeling uncomfortable will make room for growth.

That means if a patient is worried about her health, don’t brush her concerns aside.

If you can’t figure out what’s going on with her, don’t give up. Continue to show your patient you care by doing everything to can to get her better.

Your boss may hear of your diligence to your patients. And he’ll feel thankful that he has a caring doctor going above and beyond to grow in his field.

3. Find a Mentor

Do you have a mentor? If you don’t, make a point to find one who can encourage you as a doctor.

Your mentor should be familiar with the medical industry. Having some knowledge about your line of work would also be helpful.

He should also be willing to offer suggestions on how to make your career more robust. With his mentorship, you’ll be more apt to grow and stay passionate about what you do.

When you ask your boss for a raise, you can keep your mentor’s suggestions in the back of your mind.

Thanks to him, you’ll have learned invaluable knowledge. And this knowledge will certainly come in handy during a meeting and moving forward!

4. Take On-Site Classes

Most medical facilities offer classes. If you haven’t attended any, you should pronto! Even if you think you know it all, chances are you will at least learn a few things during a class.

A refresher class is always a good idea, too—things in your industry change. During the past year, new technology may have developed. This new technology could make your job as a physician that much easier!

If your boss knows you’re working hard to improve your skillset, he’ll be more likely to promote you!

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5. Acknowledge Your Hard Work

Sometimes it pays off to take a breather and acknowledge your hard work. You’re doing a fantastic job as a doctor, and your boss should notice how good you are!

Celebrating how far you’ve come before moving onto a new chapter in your life is essential. It’s wise to reflect on your past and present so you can move forward.

After showing yourself gratitude, only then can you embrace the future.

In Conclusion

With all the effort you make to boost your career, there’s no doubt your boss will promote you.

And if he doesn’t, it’s time for you to look elsewhere for a job!

If all goes well, you’ll be signing a contract in no time at all. Once you do get your promotion, though, continue to push yourself.

Even with a promotion, you should still make a point to learn new things. It’s the only way you can become even better at your job!

Give you and your patients your best self and be an incredible physician! Do this, and you’ll never look back