How To Use A Selfie Ring Light For Better Portrait Photography?

Rohan Mathew

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How to use a selfie ring light for better portrait photography?

Whether you are an aspiring professional photographer, an influencer, or simply someone who enjoys taking pictures: a selfie ring light will take your photography to the next level. You no longer have to worry about finding the right angles. You don’t have to take along a lot of equipment and you no longer have to hurry because of the natural lighting. With a ring light, you are always able to provide your pictures with the best possible lighting. We will tell you how a selfie ring light can help your portrait photography.

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What is a selfie ring light?

You may have heard about the selfie ring light. They are very popular at the moment among photographers and influencers. But do you know what it is? A ring light is a ring of LEDs that can be used for taking pictures, but also for video conferences, makeup tutorials, or creating videos. The LEDs provide you with excellent lighting on your phone camera, laptop, computer, or tablet, depending on which ring light you are using. Yes, you read that correctly: you can use ring lights with all your favorite devices! The ring lights are available in different designs and sizes, but most of them offer either warm or cold light. You can set your preferences and adjust the intensity and the warmth of the light to your own liking.

The most commonly used ring light is the selfie ring light. This is a small ring that can be placed on the phone, around the camera. Every picture you take with the ring light will have great lighting, whether you are indoors or outdoors. And the best part is that it doesn’t create any harsh lines or unwanted shadows like other lights often do. Because of the placement around the camera and the shape, the lighting is evenly distributed.

Another popular light ring is the ring light on a stand. This device is somewhat bigger, but still easy to use and to set up. It is perfect if you are looking for a studio-like set-up without all the professional equipment. You won’t need big lights, a screen, and reflectors: a simple ring light with a tripod and camera holder will do.

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How to use a ring light for portrait photography

You can use the ring light to improve your portrait photography a lot. With a ring light, you will always have the best possible lighting for your photoshoot. You no longer have to worry about optimally catching the daylight or setting up a studio lamp. Depending on where you are taking the photos, you can use either a selfie ring light that you can click onto your phone or a ring light with a stand. They both have their unique benefits. 

A selfie ring light is extremely easy to use and to take along wherever you go. Because it’s so light and small, you can simply keep it in your bag and take it out to start snapping pictures wherever and whenever you want. You only need to click the light onto your phone, choose the preferred settings and you are ready to go.

A set-up with a ring light with a stand is less portable, but still easy to use and easy to pack up and take along. This is usually a set consisting of a ring light, a tripod, and a cell phone holder. You can set it up very quickly and it’s as easy to use as the selfie ring light that you can clip on. You simply place your phone in the cell phone holder in the middle of the ring light. The LEDs will give you the best possible lighting for your portrait pictures. 

Whether you use the selfie ring light or a ring light with a stand and a phone holder, you will always be flexible and ready to take beautiful portrait pictures at any location. The LEDs of the ring light will give off an even light on the face of the person you are photographing. The light is soft and compliments the natural features of the face. You don’t have to worry about lines or shadows while shooting. So, whether you are a pro or you are just taking pictures for fun: a ring light can improve your photography.