How to Buy an Ideal Badge Holder to Work Easily   

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Many professionals from the business, medical, and academic sphere use ID cards. It is essential to keep them secure. Badge holders can make your life easier. 

They ensure that your ID card remains close to you at all times. Clip it onto your clothes or use a lanyard to wear it around your neck.

However, it is essential to get the right badge holder. After all, you do not want it to fall apart and end up losing your ID card. Make sure to consider the below factors to buy an ideal badge holder to work easily:

Right Size

Badge holders are available in various sizes. Do you want it to be smaller to make it easier to clip onto your clothes? Or do you want it to be big enough that others can read your ID from a short distance? Fortunately, you do not have to stick to one standard size.

However, you need to keep in mind the size of your ID card as well. Make sure that the holder is big enough to fit the ID without crumbling it. Additionally, it may appear to be ill-fit with your outfit or uniform if it is too big.

You may also find some specially designed sizes to hold specific credentials, such as batches of military rankings or senior management. 

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You can also find badge holders in different colors. The United States of America has numerous businesses, among which around 31.7 million are small businesses. If you want to create a unique identity for your employees during conference meets, you can choose a color theme for their IDs.

With several colors of batch holders available, you can choose one particular color for your team. It allows you to identify each other quickly. Moreover, it enhances the professionalism of your badges. 

Additionally, you can go for different colors at events to indicate various levels of security clearance. It makes your work easier. You save effort and time that you can channelize on other essential tasks.

Sealable Feature

Your ID card is a pivotal document. Employees across different sectors need it for smoother identification and better security. You cannot afford to lose or misplace it. The procedure to get a replacement can take too long. Meanwhile, you may face several issues at your workplace, such as wrong identification or increased security check-ups. 

It is essential to look for badge holders that are sealable to avoid such hassle. Otherwise, you may risk losing your ID card as it may easily slip away anytime. 

Moreover, a sealable badge holder ensures to keep away the dirt and dust from your office or the outdoors. It keeps your ID card safe as well as clean and shiny at all times. 

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It is essential to wear your ID card everyday at work. You require a solid and durable badge holder for daily use. It has to withstand everyday wear and tear with ease. It ensures that your ID card does not suffer from any external damage.

Generally, the longevity of badge holders depends on the materials. Make sure to look for badge holders that are made with suitable quality materials. Rigid plastic usually does the job. They do not break apart easily. 

Even if you are slightly clumsy and end up dropping your ID frequently, the sturdy holder remains intact. 


Each person has different preferences on the way they wear their ID card or badge. You may prefer to pin it on your clothes. Others may choose to use a strap clip to secure it. 

Lanyards or badge reels or any other options, whichever one you prefer, make sure that the badge holder is compatible with it. Choose the one with enough space at the top or towards the side to attach a lanyard, a strap clip, or a badge reel.

Some badge holders also come with a magnet. It allows you to fold your badge over your pocket’s edge and keep it in place. These magnets have a protective shield. It ensures not to erase any information from encoded badges. 

RFID Secure Feature

Badge holders with the feature of RFID Secure offer an additional layer of protection. The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is increasing in businesses. This technology allows for tracking assets and inventory automatically.

RFID secure badge holders can block RFID signals from reaching your badge or ID card. It allows you to shield your data.

Badges and ID cards are essential for employees working in different business, academic, or medical sectors. Badge holders allow you to keep your badge safe and accessible at all times. Ensure to consider the above factors to buy one to make your work easier.