How To Use Automation To Simplify Cloud Ecosystem Management?

Rohan Mathew

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Many enterprises around the world are adopting automation as a means to simplify their ecosystem management. But why are they adopting automation and how does it play in the long run of their businesses? Have you ever thought of that?

Repetitive and manual tasks at any enterprise requires labour and cost. With automation, there are full-proof chances to avoid the extra labour and labour cost. This is why so many new businesses have started taking automation as a means of reducing labour cost and improving efficiency. 

Automation also lowers the chances of downtime that you might face due to limitations or incorrect configurations by your business employees. Digital transformation is what that might help a company to cope up with work pressure and at the same time save the labour cost as well. 

Automation is a handy tool that is used while implementing digital transformation that can bring a huge change in the way an organization works and ensures productivity. According to Gartner, it is being predicted that the end-users of cloud services around the world is forecasted to grow about 18.4% in 2021. 

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Digital Transformation Definition

Digital transformation can mean anything as simple as integrating cloud computing into your business model or it can also mean the development and invention of a whole new digital business model. In general, digital transformation is the use of digital mediums for the evolution and creation of new digital business models.

For enterprises, digital transformation can be beneficial for one of two ways. Digital transformation can be used to understand the customer’s requirements better. This understanding can then be further used to create solutions for the clients by using new technologies. The other way it can be beneficial is by using this same model for the employees of an organization. 

An example of digital transformation is: Using AI powered chatbots on your website. It can help the enterprise in multiple ways:

  1. It can help your customers get immediate assistance on your website and find solutions to simple queries of your business without the need of assigning human chat support to the causes.
  2. It can help in the better utilization of your support staff to only cases that require human chat support. This will increase the overall customer satisfaction and cut down on their wait time.

4 Ways to Use Automation to Simplify Cloud Ecosystem Management

By the mid of last year, 92% of all IT companies had at least some form of cloud computing system in place. There are many benefits to cloud computing that have caused the mass migration of the IT industry to cloud computing. The most important benefit is the ability to allow remote working which has been crucial in keeping the IT industry afloat during the last one and half year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Automation can help in simplifying the cloud ecosystem management and improve productivity throughout the whole organization. It is not the same for all types of automation. The ROI is an important factor that needs to be kept in check for creating the best and most efficient automation for cloud management.

  • Remote Controlling of Automation is possible

In today’s ever changing technological landscape the geographical location of a person has become irrelevant to their work. This is due to the ability to automate and use cloud computing services from computers and mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

This benefits in maintaining work efficiency regardless of the geographical location of the employees and using the cloud computing infrastructure to its full extent, without the need of physically programming every function to the computer.

Most modern cloud computing softwares allow the user to process automated commands from their desktops in less than a minute without the need for coding in the prompts every time.

  • No Programming Capability Required

The cloud automation solutions available these days require no programming capability. As the automation sequence requires almost nil coding knowledge, it is accessible to employees of all levels. This ability to access without coding knowledge makes sure the productivity of your automated processes never goes down as they do not need any special labour to be carried out.

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  • Multilayer automation is possible

Modern automation softwares works independently of systems which make multilayer automation possible through different systems and softwares. This increases the possibility of integrating different workflows under the same automation process at ease.

Further, it reduces the cost businesses had to endure for developing systems specifically for the automation processes and cloud computing. It also improves the security of the overall organization by implementing cloud computing automation processes. The security is improved due to the presence of central governance and ability to monitor the use of all accounts. 

Cloud automation process also makes sure that new accounts can be created through any system at any time through just accessing the cloud system through their computer browsers.

  • Simple and quick integration 

Simple and quick integration is one of the features that differentiates cloud automation from robotic process automation or business process automation. Cloud automation can also be set up remotely from any location with any computer. 

Modern cloud automation softwares allows users to integrate virtual machines, network devices, and routers from any location through any system. Without having automation the maintenance and functioning of such systems is a costly venture for enterprises on both long and short term. 


The technological world is ever changing with the advent of new technologies constantly. These technologies have helped the IT industry go through the COVID-19 pandemic without much disarray. 

Cloud computing and the benefits of automation for cloud computing are undeniable. The methods mentioned here are sure to help take your business to the next level. This will help grow your business and eliminate some of the costs associated with your business and help you achieve ROI faster.

So if you are among the 8% of the IT industry that has not yet moved to cloud computing yet, then you should right now. Because it might be one of the most important factors for you now to keep yourself in business. While implementing cloud computing you must also look into automation for increasing efficiency and timeliness of your work throughout your organization.