How to Use Bright MLS Search

Rohan Mathew

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As a real estate professional, you know that competition is fierce and grows more every day. That’s why you’re always looking for new ways to get ahead and change the way you do business. If you’re looking for something revolutionary to the real estate game, you need to try Bright MLS search.

Bright MLS has been a gamechanger for many real estate professionals and has allowed them to better organize their business and keep their clients happy. That being said, it can seem like there’s a bit of a learning curve involved before you can actually make good use of the program. Is there a way you can get the benefits of Bright MLS without having to take a lengthy amount of time learning the program?

Luckily, there is! You can learn the program quickly and easily, and get yourself going in no time. All it takes are a few pointers on how to use the software. Read this article to find out what you need to know!

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What is Bright MLS Search?

Bright MLS search is a program that’s been making waves in the real estate industry, and for good reason. As an agent, you work with a ton of people at any given time of the year, and each client has their own list of needs and requests. With that being said, you need a way to keep everything organized so you can stay on top of the situation. That’s where Bright MLS search comes into play.

Bright MLS is a search engine, but unlike traditional engines that are very broad and generalized, Bright MLS focuses on locating homes for moving clients. This dedicated database can help you locate homes by general area, property type, and even specific addresses, giving you a precise listing of homes that your client is looking for and speeding up the househunting process.

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How It Works

Using Bright MLS search tools is easier than you think. For general search inquires, you click on the search bar and narrow your search by clicking Add/Remove in the additional fields section located at the bottom of the page.

If you already know the exact address of the area you’re searching for, you can use the Speed Bar option instead. In the speed bar, simply enter the street number, name, and suffix abbreviation (such as St. or Ln.) to bring up the results. It really is that simple!

Feeling confident with using the Bright MLS search program? Check out this page to find out how to download the software, as well as learn more tips on making it easy to use for your business needs. You’ll be ahead of the local competition before you know it!

Now You Can Use Bright MLS Search

Since you’ve learned how to use Bright MLS search, you should have no problem navigating the software and keeping your clients organized for your business to succeed. Check out our other links on our site to find out what else you can do to upgrade all areas of both your personal and business life. We’re sure you’re going to like what you find here!