How Zuper’s Cleaning Services Software Increases Business Productivity & Profits

Albert Howard

How Zuper's Cleaning Services Software Increases Business Productivity & Profits

Zuper’s cleaning services software is a fully automated field service management software solution that uses new marketing technology to help your cleaning business grow. With industry-leading features like automated booking, automated estimates, non-intrusive tracking and analysis, and new revenue stream management, Zuper’s field service management software is changing the future of the cleaning industry and available to connect residential & commercial cleaning businesses with customers week-in and week-out while helping your company grow.

Automated Scheduler to Avoid Missing Appointments

Zuper’s automated job scheduler helps you avoid missing appointments by creating reminder emails and texts to the customers, so they know when their home or office will be serviced. You can also set up reminders for coming days or weeks so there aren’t any gaps between services.

Tracking For Business Purposes in a Non-Intrusive Way

Zuper tracks your employees’ work hours in real-time so you can easily monitor their productivity and location without asking them for reports after each job. This feature helps you improve your processes by giving you insights into which areas need improvement and how you should proceed with training your team members accordingly.

Automated Estimates and Invoices

With Zuper’s cleaning services software, you can generate accurate estimates by entering the details of your job—such as an address, type of cleaning required (such as carpet or upholstery), number of rooms or square feet to be cleaned, and the date and time when it needs to be done. Their field service management app will then automatically calculate your estimated cost based on those inputs. You can also customize this estimate based on additional factors such as how many people will be working on the project or any special instructions, they might have regarding their cleaning services requirements.

It’s easy to send invoices to your customers through Zuper. You can customize your invoices and choose from a variety of invoice templates. You can also add custom fields to track specific information about each client or job.

Contracts At Your Fingertips

Zuper lets you create service contracts for each client, which can be printed or emailed directly to clients before the start of each job. These contracts include important details like pricing, billing frequency, payment terms, and more.

Meaningful Data Insights

Zuper provides meaningful data insights that help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. You’ll know how much time has been spent on each job, which employees are working at what times of day, how many customers have canceled on a particular day, and more! This information makes it easier for you to plan ahead and make adjustments where needed.

SEO Management for Targeting Marketing

SEO management is vital whether you’re just starting out or looking for ways to improve your ranking. Our cleaning services software optimizes your website for search engines and increases its visibility on search engines like Google. This helps you reach new customers who are searching for businesses like yours.

Automated Booking

Their automated booking system allows customers to easily schedule appointments with our cleaning services company from their mobile devices or desktop computers, which means less time spent on hold or waiting around for someone to answer the phone. This feature also enables us to manage our schedules better and provide more accurate estimates for potential clients before they even book us for an appointment.

User-Friendly Payment Options

Accept payments online or offline with Zuper’s integrated payment gateway. Customers can use their credit card or PayPal account through our secure checkout process, which sends an invoice directly to them after they book a home or office cleaning appointment.

Time Is Money

Let’s face it. Time is money. But sometimes, your day job makes it hard to keep up with the latest marketing trends – some that can help you save time and make more money. When you’re working late into the night to complete client projects, it’s easy to lose sight of marketing and business growth opportunities because you don’t have time for them. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens most of the time. But Zuper’s field service management software gives your cleaning business all the tools and resources in one place to automate the things that need automation.