Importance of Developing Your Brand’s Online Authority

Rohan Mathew

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To rise in the world nowadays, you have to make yourself known. You need to develop yourself as an authority in an industry. You need to get your target audience to trust in your brand.

The reason for this can be simplified into one simple question. That is, would you rather purchase something from an unknown brand or a reputable one that you can trust?

The best way to build your brand’s authority is to keep searchers and search engines in mind. If you give less importance to either one, it’s going to much more challenging.

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Search Engines and Internet Users (Searchers)

All of this starts with content. The right kind of content can take your business to new levels and build your online authority. On the other hand, poor content can be a waste of your time and money.

Many content writers only consider search engines. They try anything they can to rank as high on the search engine results pages as possible. Whether or not their content is worth the reader’s time is not a primary concern.

On the other hand, some content writers only care about providing the best content for their readers. Even if you are able to put useful information out there, what is the use when it’s not reaching anyone?

Create content that people find helpful. It will get them talking about your products and services. They will also start to come to you for advice or tips and may even consider you as an industry leader. Search engines will definitely pick up on those signals.

However, you must also use the right digital marketing strategy to get your message across. Therefore, you need to have the right mix of both.

Your readers want reliable, relevant, and helpful information from you. That, along with identifiable branding, is how they describe authority. However, the search engines care a great deal about links. The links show search engines what value searchers and other websites are finding on your site.

5 Tips for Becoming an Online Authority

For establishing yourself as an online authority, you need to dive into the right marketing strategies. These strategies should work towards providing your audience with the right content. All the while optimizing your content and site to help you with the search engines.

Marketing To Your Niche Specifically

To build online authority, you first need to properly identify your niche. It will be too hard to be an authority when you don’t even know the niche properly.

You need to identify your strengths carefully and use them to get ahead.

For instance, you have a doggy daycare center. If you try to be an authority in the world of dog care, it will be immensely challenging. Instead, you could try to find a less competitive niche that is related to dogs. It could be related to traveling, dental care, or anything else. Try to be as specific as possible.

To find success, you need to choose a niche you know about and where you can add value.

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Use the Right Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is the main area. You need to have the right content marketing strategies to showcase your brand and become an authority.

To start, you can look into smaller things. It could be blogs, videos, infographics, or social media posts, among other things. The key here is to have content that helps. The content should be knowledgeable but also shareable. When people start sharing, you get free publicity.

To grow your reach after a certain period, you may need to up your game and establish your brand. To be highly authoritative, you can write eBooks, have webinars, or give out guides. Anything that can help your audience even more with their problems.

Look Into Link Building Strategies

Building links is an essential yet complicated and time-consuming process.

Simply put, building links is a process of getting your website linked on other sites. If reputable sites in your niche or industry are linking back to you, search engines take notice. Not only that, but you can get more readers and establish a sense of trust quicker.

Globex SEO link building services can help you with several top tactics. Along with that, you can do some of the more uncomplicated strategies like broken link building.

Here, you have to find a link on a reputable site that leads to a dead resource. Then, you create a similar resource and contact the owner of the site. You can tell them that they have a broken link, and you can suggest that they replace it with your resource. Simple enough? Also, you can use a tool to find broken links on sites quickly.

Build Real Relationships in Your Industry

People often say that the people around you define your character and personality. A concept much similar to that applies to online authority as well.

You need to invest time and money into several things.

Firstly, you should look into guest posting. Anyone can easily find tons of sites that are looking for guest posts. Therefore, try to find other reputable sites that aren’t openly looking for guest posts. You can submit suitable and relevant content with your link, and they get free content. Win-win

Secondly, you can try to connect with social media influencers. Unsurprisingly, social media sites get insane amounts of traffic each day. If you find a relevant influencer who can promote your content or website, go for it.

These two things can help you grow your audience, expand your influence, and build powerful backlinks.

Utilize Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a blessing that not many people know about yet. If you have a Google Authorship markup, you can add your author byline in the search engine results pages. When anyone clicks on them, they will be directed to your Google+ profile page. There, they can see what you post in the Google+ stream, and they can even add you to their circles.

You start this by creating a Google+ profile, adding an about page in your site, and have a recognizable photo of yourself in both places.