Importance of trigonometry in daily life

Rohan Mathew

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Trigonometry means calculations with triangles. It is the study of relationships in mathematics involving heights, lengths, and angles of different triangles. Now, you must be wondering about the applications and importance of trigonometry applications in real life. The fact that if they have any use in real life also bothers some people.

Maybe trigonometry does not have its direct applications in solving our daily life issues. Still, it is used in various things that we enjoy so much. Suppose we take an example of music, as you know, that sound travels in waves. Though this pattern is not as regular as a cosine or sine function, it is still useful in developing computer music (application of computing technology in music composition), which is a use of trigonometry in daily life.we will discuss in this topic about importance of trigonometry and its daily life use. You can learn more about trig identities and usage of trigonometry in daily life.

Now you’ll learn about different trigonometry applications in daily life, which brings up its importance.

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Measuring heights of buildings and mountains

The incredible importance of trigonometry in daily life lies in the fact that it is used to measure buildings and mountains’ heights. Maybe it seems a difficult task, but with trigonometry, it is an easy thing to do.

Implementation in video games

Trigonometry holds great importance in the gaming industry. It is used in the graphics and design of a game. For instance, if the game developer wants to move the character along the X-axis or the Y-axis, then the primary things considered here are trigonometry.

Importance in the construction industry

In the construction industry, you have to measure fields, lots, and areas; sometimes, you have to make walls parallel and perpendicular; trigonometry plays a significant role in that case and saves a lot of time for the engineers’ construction workers.

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Implementation in physics

In physics, much research work is being done for human beings’ wellbeing in modern society. Trigonometry plays a significant role in the research areas of physics. For instance, to find the components of vectors and model the mechanics of waves, the researchers use trigonometry principles. 

Importance of trigonometry in marine biology

Trigonometry is often used by marine biologists to establish different types of measurements. For instance, to find out how light levels at various depths affect algae’s ability to photosynthesize. Marine biologists also utilize mathematical models to understand and measure sea animals and their behavior.

Daily life use of trigonometry in navigation

Trigonometry is used to set directions such as the east, west, north, south. It tells you which path to take with the compass to get in a straight order. It is used in navigation to pinpoint a location. It is also used to find the distance of the shore from a point in the ocean. How can we forget about the horizon whose perception is facilitated by trigonometry?

These were some applications emphasizing the importance of trigonometry in daily life. Leave a comment about which use does you like the most.