Important factors to know about SEO before using it

Rohan Mathew

There are over 200 SEO ranking criteria that search engines use to decide which pages should appear in search results and where they should appear. Therefore, you must refine your web presence to appeal to these factors if you want to claim the top spots on SERPs (search engine results pages).

The positive news is that not all of the rating criteria, which number in the hundreds, are created equal. Any considerations are more important than others when it comes to ratings. So pay careful attention to these considerations that significantly affect rankings when you prepare your SEO strategy.

Points to consider 

  • When it comes to search results, on-page SEO is one of the essential SEO/Ranking considerations. Doing well in these areas will help you improve your overall SEO score. You can do so by ensuring that you will address each of your critical technical on-page SEO elements in more depth later.
  • Google has spoken about site security as a ranking consideration since 2014. It’s also considered one of the most significant Google ranking considerations. SSL certificates provide a protected link between a website and its visitors on sites that use HTTPS encryption. It provides an additional layer of authentication to the information that visitors and the web share.
  • You must first determine your starting point before you can increase your SEO score. There are a few options for locating this information. To begin, you may conduct a Google search using the words you believe your customers would use. Use a secret or incognito window in your browser to avoid being distorted by Google’s personalization. Have a look at where the material appears. You can learn about it on
  • If a place isn’t found, search engines can’t rank it. That is why site crawlability is a crucial SEO ranking consideration. Crawlability is the ability for search engines to crawl a website and review its content to decide what the article is about and how it can rate.
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A page’s content is what qualifies it for a search result role. It’s what the customer expected to see, but it’s crucial to the search engines. As a result, quality content is critical. So, what constitutes quality content? From an SEO standpoint, all decent material has two characteristics. First, good content must meet a need while still being clickable

Enable search engines to correctly crawl your web if you want Google to rate it.

  • Make a sitemap and send it to the major search engines.
  • To see how many pages Google has crawled on your blog, go to Google Search Console and check your index status.
  • Using robots.txt correctly to tell search engines which sites they can visit and which they should skip.

Page load speed is another SEO rating metric that has to do with user experience. Pages that take a long time to load have a poor user interface. However, since search engines understand that people want answers as soon as possible, they tend to display pages that load quickly. This is especially true for mobile carriers, as Google recently revealed that load speed would be a ranking metric for mobile searches as part of its Speed Update.