How can you increase the storage capacity of your tourist motorbike?

Rohan Mathew

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Motorcycle touring involves special equipment and skills. Tourist motorbike is designed in such a way that it can carry some luggage also. There are special preparations that might be needed, that includes proper storage capacity for luggage, route planning, packing of important tools and equipment, making overnight stops, finding fuels in barren areas, and many more. So, today I am going to tell you how you can add storage to your motorbike

  • Increasing storage capacity by use of tank bag

Be sure that the bag which you are using for your luggage should be waterproof. Tank bag easily locates the weight of your luggage which is closer to the center of gravity of your bike, between your arms. Leaving much space for the rider as well. During the ride, you can easily read maps too.

  • Storage capacity with pack bags

You can put your stuff in your pack bag and can carry it along with your shoulders. But the thing is carrying a bag on your back will make your tour uncomfortable. So pack bags are designed in such a way that they take-off weight from your shoulders making your ride comfortable.

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  • Tail bags( tail pack)

You can enhance your storage capacity by using tail bags. We encourage you to use Viking Bags motorcycle tail bags. It is a soft material bag that can get fixed at the back seat of your motorbike, and it provides you secure and flexible storage. It is mostly cylindrical in shape and prevents displacement and shifting of material.

It is attached with securing straps which are quick and simple and allow quick fixing and removal. It has almost 40 liters of capacity and you can easily carry clothes and other accessories in it.

  • Attaching top box to the mounting kit

      Must find if there is a mounting kit on your bike or not. Because the top box is attached with the mounting kit of the bike. It requires pillion grab rails which get attached with a mounting kit. For that purpose, you have to do certain modifications to your bike. Must buy extra pillion seats, do some electric drills, and directly fix your top box into it. Top box keeps your stuff secure while traveling, with 20 gauge sheets, lots of padded layers, and with bolt heads.

  • Saddlebags

Saddlebags are actually modern motorbike accessories. They can be attached to the rear portion of your motorbike seat or along with the saddle. You can place rain gears, tool kits, first aid kits, food items, or drinks in it. They are made up of leather which prevents leakage and displacement of items.

  • Bungee cords

These cords are used to secure martial, without knots and shocks. They are easy, cheap and versatile. They have plastic or metal hooks on each end. They are available in different diameters ranging from ⅛ inch with a strength of 100 pounds to ½ inch with a strength of 450 pounds.

  • Trunk bag

The trunk bag can be tucked to the rack of a motorbike with belts or Velcro straps. Some companies also manufacture trunk bags in such a way that they can easily side into the rack with its unique system.  

For going on short or long road trips while being able to carry a lot of your belongings with you, we suggest you go for Viking Bags Trunk Bags

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  •  Handlebar Leather bag 

Motorcycle leather bags have a unique design that gives style and functioning. Leather which is used for its manufacturing makes it much durable. The straps help to fasten the bag with the motorcycle handlebar, and the zipper helps to locate your items easily. You can place your mobile phone on it also. Its closure is designed in such a way that it prevents your stuff from falling. This bag is only designed to hold up your phone and wallet or your license. 

  • Fork bag

The fork bag is designed in a way that can be attached to any part of your motorbike. And you can carry your small personal stuff in it. The quickly removable buckles can give access to easily open and close the bag. The fork bag helps to protect your items from bad weather and from falling. This bag can also scratch the motorcycle paint and the buckles can also easily get damaged so you need to do extra care. It’s designed in a way that, you can also place your tool pouch in it also.