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Rohan Mathew

Most of us give a reason for not doing exercise as it is very tiresome and you are having a busy schedule. Ever wondered how Indian film stars like Nidhi Agarwal maintain their body even after following such a hectic schedule.

In this article, would try to walk through what these film stars do to remain fit and look healthy all the time.


  • Strict Diet Regime

Most of them have the responsibility of ensuring that their film does well at the box office and for that, they need to look fit and beautiful. They follow a strict diet regime, such as the Keto Diet, the Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, and along with that, they do regular exercise too. That is why actresses like Pooja Hegde look so slim and fit. Diet intake can change as per the individual choice or preference 

One of the trends which have recently been followed by film stars is about eating a vegan diet only. Not only they have stopped eating meat but they have stopped consuming anything that is obtained from animals such as milk and milk products, honey. Instead of milk, they have coconut milk, almond milk. They have plenty of fruits, nuts, and raisins if they feel like eating something sweet. 

  • Exercise and Sports

Most of the film stars take their exercise very seriously as the competition is cut-throat in the field. Most of them do pilates on regular basis at least for an hour, they try to do exercise five days a week and take rest for only one day.

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps them make their arms and legs very strong. Position of the body and movement is planned in such way that it would help them to increase their flexibility and joint mobility. That is why actresses like Shilpa Shetty are so good at dancing because they are taking so much effort to maintain their bodies. Along with exercise, they play sports, badminton, cycling, martial arts so that their reflexes become very strong.

  • Meditation And Yoga

Most of the film stars are busy shooting at different places that is why they cannot carry their gym with them. But they cannot skip doing exercise so they usually do Yoga, as it can be done every and they just need to carry a yoga mat with them. Flim stars like Krithi Shetty another actress like her do Yoga on regular basis. 

The film starts to live a very stressful full life that is why they practice mediation to keep them away from stress. Surviving in this industry is not so easy as they have to go through a lot of ups and downs in their career. Mediation gives the energy and strength to face all kinds of situations.


After reading the above article, man readers must have again fallen in love with their stars as they now come to know how much hard work and dedication they need to show to survive in this glamorous world. Which can only be achieved by eating a good diet and doing exercise to keep them fit.