Indian Train journey and Top Routes with Train Booking Systems   

Albert Howard

Indian Train journey and Top Routes with Train Booking Systems   

The Indian railway system is the oldest train system in the world. For a long time, people have been using trains to move from one place to another, and also it is one of the most preferred modes of transportation for the public. It is not only used for public transportation but also for moving the goods from one place to another.   

A revolution in the Indian Railways ticket booking system 

The Indian railway system has covered almost all the parts of our country, there is hardly any area where railways have not reached till now, and with the increase in usage of railways, the railway ticket booking has become very easy and comfortable for all the passengers. Earlier, the railway ticket booking system was quite exhausting, people had to stand in long queues to get their tickets booked, but with the increase in technology, Indian railway ticket booking has become an easy task for the public.     

Digital world  

Online ticket booking has become an important part of Indian railways, which allow passengers to book their tickets from anywhere with the help of the internet. They can also check the status of their ticket booking and can get to know whether their seats have been confirmed or not. Seeing the availability of the seats on a train, which train is available for a particular route, and the timings of a particular train are some of the benefits of the online railway ticket booking system.   

Benefits of online booking  

Indian railway ticket booking system has seen a boom in the past few years as this online railway ticket booking system allows you to book your tickets in advance, which saves the time of passengers and also their chance of getting the confirmed seat within the required train highly increases. Instead of standing in the long queues to book a train ticket, the online system for ticket booking is much easier and more comfortable for the public as it saves their time and also provides various facilities which help them in many ways related to their railway ticket booking. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has launched its own website as well, which helps the customers in dealing with the train-related issues more smoothly and effectively.   

Informational field  

IRCTC website helps the passengers in getting all the information related to the trains and booking of tickets easily and also aids a helping hand in the booking of tickets from anywhere. It also displays all the information about a particular train which helps you in knowing the timing and availability of seats on that particular train. People can also search for different trains for a particular route, and they can book a ticket for the train which suits their requirements. IRCTC website also provides various traveling packages to the passengers, which they can use for traveling around various cities at a very beneficial price.  

Apart from the IRCTC website, there are numerous other websites also which help you in online railway ticket booking and also provide all the necessary information like PNR status, train availability, and various other traveling plans which can provide benefits to the passengers and could make their journeys less expensive and more comfortable.  

Why choose Trainman?   

Trainman is one such online railway ticket booking website that caters to the customers with different options of online railway ticket booking and also provides information about train schedules, travel packages, and confirmation of train booking with proper PNR status. It makes traveling more convenient by providing the in-hand service of live train running status, which lets the passengers know how much more time is required by the train to reach their boarding destination. You can also get to know about the fares of various train services, and you can easily compare the train charges between different trains and choose your traveling train as per your requirement. You can also download the timetable for various trains through this website, and you could compare the timing of various trains, which would help you in choosing the right train according to your preference. Trainman also provides you with their android and ios applications which you can easily download in your mobile phones and can get all the information about the required train just by logging in to and providing all your details like your name, date of birth, train name or train number.   


Indian railway ticket booking system has changed tremendously with the introduction of this online railway ticket booking system. You can now get the information within seconds just by one click without waiting for long hours in the queue. Websites like Trainman are a big helping hand for the passengers who prefer traveling by train by providing all the necessary information to the customers without much delay and can also get them to know about their booking status easily. This website is a wonderful initiative to cater the required information to the customers at one point, only making them worry less about the train status and providing them with a tension-free and smooth traveling experience. It is a great website to visit online and get all your train-related inquiries solved without much tension.