Instagram Stories – 7 Killer Tips to Stand Out in 2020

Rohan Mathew

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Instagram lets it users share stories that last for 24 hours from the time of publishing. Ever since this potent feature has launched, it has created a substantial impact on Instagram marketing.

Almost 500 Million users watch Instagram stories every day. And 1 out of 3 stories is related to any business. This is enough to make you convince that why you also need to pay attention to this robust platform.

80% of every Instagram account is connected to any business. This makes it a knowledgeable platform for marketers to execute their marketing strategy.

Now, you’ve convinced, but you can only get most out it if you know the killer hacks about it.

Instagram allows every user to publish stories, but very few can drive incredible results from it. The tips that remains hidden from the naked eye for a long duration, now we’ve unearthed it for you.

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We’ll cover the killer tips that will make Instagram stories an essential part of your marketing strategy.

7 Story Tips Every User Should Know

Here the tips that can drive more traffic extend your reach and increase the profile visit.

1) Keep It Simple

Although, there’re multiple editing and customization options at Instagram stories. But sometimes, the simple photos get massive traction in no time. Customized stories can grab the attention of more eyeballs, but if you keep on posting simple photos, it can also work for you. An essential aspect of this, it will save you time. Being consistent while posting is the key point for Instagram stories.

2) Widen Your Reach by Maximizing Follower Count

More the follower’s count translates into maximum views on a story. Widen your reach by looking for means that can turbocharge your following. Some of you are still unaware that even you can get the assistance of an online service provider. Explore the trusted site providing services across your country and buy Instagram followers UK. It is quite a simple process that can be done in a few clicks. Most importantly, you don’t have to allocate a higher budget, unlike paying to marketers. Your stories will automatically get massive reach once; you reach to the good-sized following.

3) Pin Stories at the Top of Your Profile

Do you know you can save your stories for more than 24 hours?  Pin your well-performed stories at the top of your profile and increase its visibility to every profile visitor. Story highlights can also be the spot where you can display important messages i.e., upcoming events, discount offers. Every profile visitor who hasn’t watched your story can possibly view it.

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4) Share Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Want to build your authenticity at the social ground? Take the audience behind the lens and get even closer to them. It has become the need of the hour for every marketer to minimize the distances business to customer distances. And build a friendly environment as it could lead you to develop regular viewership at your stories.

Marketers can share the manufacturing process to assure the audience about product quality.

5) Get Access of Swipe-Up Option

If you’re using Instagram, then you’re likely to know about the swipe-up option at Insta Stories. It is a feature that can add an extra layer to digital marketing. As it serves as the bridge which brings the audience from your stories to your website. Admittedly, it is hard to get access to swipe-up options but if you’re fulfilling the pre-requisite, then you’ll definitely get it. The worth of your Instagram stories could be increase manifold by inserting an embedded link into it.

6) Promote Your Stories

One can promote your stories on a massive scale through advertising. You may have seen stories with a sponsored label. Instagram promotion is one of the most effective advertising options and it can provide full value to your money. If you’re a business account, then simply switch to a business account by linking it with your Facebook page. Open Instagram ad manager to promote your stories. And at the end of the day, you’ll get obvious results.

7) Track Performance of Your Stories

Do you know how well your stories are performing? Without having an idea about its performance, how can you expect that your story will stand out in this competitive avenue? Get access to Instagram analytics to get deep insights into the metrics of published stories. It includes details such as overall shares, replies, profile visits, or sticker taps, Impressions, follows, and navigation

When you know which type of content the audience likes the most, then you can make certain changes accordingly.

Key Takeaways

Instagram can be utilized to get multi-purposes. But only if you know the killer tips, being used by marketers. is always ahead to help every Instagrammer become an influencer. Those tips have been shared in the article. Follow these tips to get the most out of it.

Let us know in the comment section, which tip you’re going to use.