Internship housing

Albert Howard

Internship housing

Do you live far away from New York, but you need to do an internship? Are you already thinking about how to give it up or beg your boss to find a place closer to home? Don’t worry so much, it’s not worth it. Plus, there’s a simple solution to this problem! You will read about solving the problem of intern housing NYC in this article. Read to the end, there you will find a small surprise.

Internship housing – housing that people rent for the duration of their internship. It often happens that the place of internship is far not only from the place of study, but also from the place of residence.

In this case, you have to look for housing. But more and more often there are scandals that people are being deceived or even robbed by their own landlords. If you have neither knowledge nor experience of renting an apartment, everything becomes even more complicated. The only option would be to look for housing through special companies.

How to choose a housing company and internship housing

First, let’s talk about choosing the right internship housing company:

  • read the news about this company, not only the latest but also relatively old ones (in what light is this company presented?);
  • study all of this beforehand – have there been any scandals involving this company or perhaps they have scammed their customers in the past;
  • study the reviews of real users – whether to trust the reviews on the website of the company itself is up to you, read more reviews on other sites. 

As for the choice of housing directly:

  • the location of your internship must be close to where you live;
  • also nearby should be all the establishments you need – hospitals, shops, cinemas and so on;
  • pay attention to the photos – if it is possible to visit the place of residence before settling, it will be even better;
  • check the furniture, check the pipes, see if the windows are blowing, and so on. 

All this should be studied in advance, before settling. Now let’s talk about the company itself.

Where to find good internship housing

Let’s consider this question on the example of Outpost Club. The promised surprise at the end of this section! What Outpost Club can offer you:

  • Accounts – all your bills for water, electricity, Wi-Fi and so on will be paid by the company itself. No more paperwork!
  • Furniture – whatever housing you choose, there will be all the furniture necessary for a comfortable life. If you wish, you can choose housing without furniture. It will cost even less.
  • Safety – the automatic Nest system will keep you and your belongings safe. The system is reliable and works around the clock without pauses and breaks.
  • Cleanliness – nobody likes to clean up. Therefore, all common spaces will be cleaned regularly, you don’t even need to do anything for this! And you don’t even have to pay for this service.

As promised, here’s the surprise. Tell a friend about Outpost Club, use the services of the company and both of you will get money! Don’t forget to go to and become part of the Outpost family. Yes, Outpost is like a big family. And this family gathers regularly to spend common leisure time. You too can be a part of this.