Introducing the Fugo TV dashboard solution

Albert Howard

Introducing the Fugo TV dashboard solution

In a world of weekly performance analysis and the need to measure department and team performance, the introduction of TV dashboards continues to address many challenges of the traditional large-scale workforce. Most of the focus on TV dashboards is based on the ability to come up with solutions for the passing of business intelligence in the different stages of management or on the various stages of employees or teams because TV dashboards address the persistent problems of lack of ability for mass communication or the lack of technologies to aid in summarizing business information or intelligence for the average employee. The workplace has changed to the times of digital meeting rooms, which demand the use of TV displays for pitches or presenting business ideas. Although TVs can be connected to projects from smaller devices, the ultimate solution is the use of TV dashboards which allow for the display and presentation of key business metrics on a real-time basis. Some of the importance of using TV dashboards include;

  • The ability to inform on engagement metrics, especially for industries that rely on time-sensitive goals or foot traffic
  • The ability to increase cooperation and alignment of teams which is in addition to the power of presenting clearer organizational, departments, or team goals
  • The ability to present real-time metrics on unique factors like the organization’s performance or the performance of teams and the overall organization can act as an internal promoting competition that can facilitate the achievement of the set goals and objectives, which can drive an organization to greater heights. 

Setting up a TV dashboard

TV dashboards exist in different shapes and sizes. Although there are unlimited possibilities when using TV dashboards, it is essential to remember there are specific basic requirements that can make TV dashboards valuable and effective. Some of the basic needs include;

  • The hardware
  • BI software
  • The TV dashboard software
  • The KPI to be measured 
  • Dashboard design
  • Casting and implementation. 

Setting up a TV dashboard has many advantages compared to the traditional presentation of business intelligence which has only been limited to a few individuals. Some of the reasons why organizations should invest in a TV dashboard include the ability for data visibility which allows for transparency across different organizational levels, and the ability to perform departmental or team alignment to allow for the reaching of specific goals, which is done through the KPI, improved communication surrounding performance, increased discussions about data metrics and optimization and is a great way to save time during meetings. 

TV dashboard software

There are different providers of BI dashboards, all of which vary in analyzing tools and dashboards present for measuring different performance aspects. The leading software provider is the Fugo Digital Signage software, which outperforms other software solutions by providing additional self-service tools that allow for the sharing of data even to the bottom of the pyramid employees as opposed to most BI dashboards which data is stuck at the top of the pyramid. Fugo TV dashboard solution a; additionally helpful for employees who need access to day-to-day work because it allows for detained query solutions which would enable the setting of specific data alongside the required information. Deskless workers also benefit from the comprehensive solutions provided by the Fugo software for industries like retail, construction, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing, where employees are not entitled to computers or emails because it makes the visualization of progress and targets, which is in addition to the presentation with of other valuable insights which help employee performance. The fungo dashboard solution also outperforms different dashboards, which are limited to sharing because Fugo overcomes the challenges of security concerns and licensing issues and allows for sharing the dashboard through URLs or emails. The Fugo solution is also the ultimate TV dashboard solution because it overcomes challenges like inconsistent playbacks because of high power demands for data-insensitive dashboards and insecurities of exposed security credentials.