Is A-CSM Worth Taking?

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If you have already gone through the process of becoming a Certified Scrum Master, you will have a good understanding and working knowledge of the values and principles, applications, and practices involved in Scrum. Perhaps you feel you have enough experience now to continue forward in your career and benefit your current business or any future companies and teams you join. 

Did you realize, though, that your Agile and Scrum journey doesn’t need to stop after you have become qualified and certified? There is still a lot more you can learn. In fact, as is the case in many areas of life and business, learning is an ongoing process that never really stops.

The quick answer for the next logical step is the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster or A-CSM certification? As the name suggests, this is the next step or rung on the ScrumMaster ladder. Is it worth taking? In the following past, we are going to explore what it involves and its many benefits.

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What Do You Learn Through the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Certification Course?

With any additional course of education related to your employment and job, you need to weigh up whether it will be a benefit or a waste of time. As your attendance on the course, even if it is digital, will take time away from your current responsibilities, it makes sense that you should be interested in learning what you will learn to help convince your employer that it’s a good thing. 

The problem and the opportunity are that 9 out of 10 people who take Scrum Master certification never advance past the initial CSM certification. This means that anyone who is ready to spend time and effort going through the Advanced CSM certification would find it easier to stand above the crowd.

In addition, it is more than just a certification and is packed with valuable content. In short, the learning material focuses on the following:

  • Help establish better communication and dialogue between everyone involved in the development of a product, including the different Scrum Team Members, the Product Owner, stakeholders, executives, and customers
  • Be able to respond with confidence to any resistance and reluctance that is displayed towards changes, any lacks in engagement, low motivation, and the unavailability of important people with key responsibilities
  • Enhance and improve the level of engagement there is to stimulate greater buy-in, commitment, and accountability

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What Are the Benefits of Taking the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Certification Course?

The benefits of any educational course, especially one that could improve your abilities and strengths as a member of a team and ultimately help your business, are important to consider. The benefits are another aspect that could also help convince your employer that it’s a good idea. Especially if they will be funding your attendance and participation in the course.

There are various benefits you can get from enrolling in the advanced course that can improve upon the basic knowledge and understanding you have gained from the ScrumMaster Certification. 

These include:

  • Build on the foundational knowledge you have developed with advanced skills for implementing Scrum. Enhance your understanding and grasp of Scrum. As you would imagine from a course that has advanced in the title, this is a bit more than the standard Scrum Master Certification course you will already have taken. 
  • Opportunity to help distinguish yourself from the competition in the global marketplace. You are instantly more attractive to employers than the many candidates who have the first CSM certificate. 
  • Help your company to move ahead. We’ve already noted the fact that having the CSM certification can be helpful when your company is trying to switch to the Agile and Scrum way of doing things. What if your company remains on the fence about it? It may be that they are still not sure, or you have just joined a new organisation. In both those situations you can be like a torch bearer for the Scrum way, helping the powers that be see that it is the best way forward and then helping them to instigate it from the bottom to the top of the company. 
  • Stand out within your sector and industry as a member of the Scrum Alliance community, a group of people that stretches across the world. Make yourself more marketable. With the advanced certification, you have the chance to showcase a much more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge, that makes you more marketable, meaning you will not be short of lucrative and exciting job opportunities. 
  • Show the advanced values of Scrum to your current employer or any future employers you have. Having the Advanced – ScrumMaster Certification will give your views, opinions, ideas, and suggestions more weight. 
  • Be able to scale Agile and Scrum for more than just one team

As you can see, ultimately, it is called an “Advanced” course with good reason. You will not only improve your understanding and knowledge of Scrum and Agile taking it but improve your standing within your current team and any other team you join and make yourself more indispensable and a better candidate than many of the competitors for roles and positions you may come across.