Is Bloodhunt Going To The Battle Royale Graveyard?

Albert Howard

Is Bloodhunt Going To The Battle Royale Graveyard?

Since its release, Bloodhunt has been delivering battle royale entertainment to households across the game. As a battle royale game, Bloodhunt requires players to challenge themselves on every turn. The setting, Prague is dark, gloomy, and full of mystique and danger. Players divide their time between the streets and rooftops,mastering survivability, completing quests, scavenging for loot, setting up ambushes, and fighting. Failing is not an option. Every time you are defeated, you get back up, wipe yourself off, and join another match.

Losing Players

Sharkmob developed Bloodhunt with the intent of it to live on forever. Developers invest every resource at their disposal into their video game inventions. They are not going to lie down when trouble is on the horizon. Sharkmob is no different. Even though things have taken a turn for the worse, the developer refuses to let Bloodhunt go down without a fight. 

Sharkmob has reported a decrease in the number of concurrent players. As any developerknows, this is an omen that could result in Bloodhunt being retired forever. The Bloodhunt team believes the decrease is related to player boredom. 

Fighting Back

Determined Sharkmob is working on a strategy to revive the game before it is too late. The team decided to step back and assess the problem(s) independently. When necessary, help is being brought in to give a different perspective of what is happening along the lines of the slowdown.

Team Deathmatch Mode

Since the problem seems to be contributed to player boredom, the team decided to incorporate a new game mode into the game’s live-service model. Team Deathmatch mode would give the Bloodhunt team and players several advantages. The first advantage is a quicker player feedback response. If any developer knows anything about player feedback, they know it is a wealth of information. With the ability to share feedback more freely, the team can immediately address any situation instead of putting it on the backburner.

Bye-Bye ‘Cookie-Cutter’

After close observation and player feedback analysis, the Bloodhunt team determined its existing live-service approach was not the best fit. The next step was to overhaul the cookie-cutter approach by keeping content and gameplay update separate. The goal was to boost reaction time to tackle bugs and other issues in a timelier manner.

The aimbot for Bloodhunt can be utilized by players to target their opponents more effectively. Bloodhunt is a complex battle royale game that requires expert aim. 

Reduced Battle Pass

The Bloodhunt team hopes to entice existing players to return to the platform. In addition to this, they hope to draw in new players. By reducing the battle pass from the original $9.99, the team has chosen a more appealing rate of $5.99. 


Sharkmob hopes by addressing situations and issues more effectively and efficiently will encourage existing players to stick around. The decreased battle pass is expected to draw in new players. If the revamp strategy turns out to be effective, Bloodhunt will avoid the battle royale graveyard. If it fails,  no one knows what will become of the game.