Is it safe to have dental implants abroad?

Rohan Mathew

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Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Some people, however, have doubts about the safety or such a solution. In our article, we will try to layout why there is nothing to worry about!

There is nothing unusual about traveling abroad. But visiting another country just to have dental treatment? This type of tourism is gaining popularity too. However, for many, that concept is still unknown. Dental tourism gives an opportunity to save a lot of money while enjoying quality service abroad. And, while you are in another county having your implants done, you can see some beautiful places, too!

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Why is dental tourism on the rise?

The rising popularity of dental tourism originates from the increasing differences in the prices of private healthcare. In some European countries, like, for example, Poland or Hungary, the price of the dental service can be two or even three times lower than in, let us say, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, or Germany. Different currencies and lower costs of living are the main reasons behind it. It does not, however, go in line with lower quality of services. Quite the contrary, since many Central-Eastern European countries are known for excellent standards of dentistry. Many patients decide to book a visit not necessarily because of the lower price but the quality of service.

The same trend can be observed in the United States. USA citizens visit the Southern neighbors to receive dental treatment in the highest standard without overpaying. Among the most popular directions, there are Mexico, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

Is dental tourism safe?

Even if you decide to schedule a dental visit in your home country, you should verify the dentist’s reputation and do some research. You can be lucky to find a great, professional doctor with your first visit, but that is not always the case.

It is more or less the same with having your dental implants abroad. Choosing a reputable clinic can save you some worries. Actually, scheduling a visit abroad can be even less challenging in terms of finding qualified professionals. These, who choose dental tourism, usually use the services of the intermediaries. Such companies cooperate with verified, experienced clinics that fulfill the international highest standards, maintaining a professional net. So, the selection does not really have to bother you.

To prevent the repercussions of unexpected events, it is worth investing in insurance, just as for any travel. But choosing a country known for high-quality dentistry services is enough to stop worrying about safety.

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Dental implants abroad vs. health insurance

Usually, the treatment is fully covered by the dental tourist. If you are a citizen of the European Union, you can try using a European Health Insurance Card to get free treatment. However, this kind of insurance most probably would not cover an implant anyway. And besides, booking a visit within the public healthcare system might be difficult.

Note, that dental tourism allows you to lower the price of the service without compromising quality. Choosing private, fully paid healthcare will most likely cost you half of what you would pay in your home country anyway.

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