Is the CB Radio Illegal Now?

Rohan Mathew

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CB radios have been synonymous with trucking and long drives for decades. And there’s a reason for that. For truckers especially, CB radios are incredibly useful. They allow truckers to communicate between each other, keeping them informed about traffic and weather. And helping them keep themselves awake.

But CB radio has also come under some legal scrutiny as of late. There has been some concern about the frequencies the radios operate under. And there is a lot of legislation that regulates the use of radio wave frequencies.

So is it legal to set up a CB radio in your car? And if so, what can you do with the CB radio and what can’t you do with it? Read on, and we’ll answer these questions for you.

Is It Legal to Have a CB Radio in Your Car?

First off, who uses CB radios most often, and what do they use them for?

CB radios were first invented by the FCC with the express purpose of opening up certain radio frequencies for use by citizens. Radio broadcasts are heavily regulated, and it’s illegal for private citizens to use controlled frequencies.

For the most part, CB radios are still perfectly legal for private citizens to set up and use. CB radios used to require a license to legally operate. However, that restriction was lifted in the 1970s. These days, as long as the device is an FCC approved radio, it is legal for you to operate.

With that said, there are still a number of federal regulations. While many of these concern things that the average CB radio user won’t need to worry about, it’s still worth familiarizing yourself with some of the more common regulations.

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What Regulations Exist For CB Radio?

There is extensive legislation that regulates the frequencies that private citizens can listen to or broadcast over. There are also restrictions on the kind of information that can be transmitted over these frequencies.

Other FCC regulations include the equipment used, the height of transmitting towers for radio stations and licensing specifics for companies or other groups. While individuals do not have to have a license to operate CB radio, non-individuals like radio stations are required to have a license.

Of course, this isn’t even close to every regulation regarding the use of radio. The use of radio frequencies is one of the most heavily regulated parts of the technical world.  If you’re interested in more information, you can learn more here.

Use Your CB Radio in Compliance With Regulations

Used correctly, and in compliance with state and federal regulations, CB radio is a very useful tool with a wide range of applications. While it’s most commonly associated with trucking, CB radio has countless uses beyond that.

But like any other radio device, CB radio is heavily regulated by the FCC. Violating those regulations can come with steep fines.

So make sure you set up your CB radio properly and follow all the relevant guidelines. If you do, you can operate your radio with no issues.

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