Is your company exhibiting at a trade fair? Here is what you need to know!

Albert Howard

Is your company exhibiting at a trade fair? Here is what you need to know!

There are still advantages to having your company at the fair. For many companies, manning a stand at a trade fair is not the most favorite task. Of course, many commercial activities take place online. However, the biggest advantage of a trade fair, personal contact with the customer, should not be underestimated. Trade fair days are long days. A lot has to be done and there are a lot of people to work with. How do you get the most out of your company’s exhibition days? In any case, by preparing well for your participation. The following are the advantages of taking part in a trade fair and tips on how to make the most of the days at the fair.

Participate in the fair or not? 

You are considering, perhaps even doubting, whether to take your company to the fair. There is a lot involved. Not only will you be away from the office for most of the day, but your staff will also feel the effects. Some employees are busy preparing for the trade fair and go along to the trade fair itself. For those colleagues who do not go, this means more work at the office. It is important to map out these consequences first and to devise solutions where necessary. For example, by hiring external staff for a specific period. 

Participating in a trade fair involves costs. Not just the costs of the exhibition itself, such as hiring a stand and having promotional material made. You will probably have to travel extra, as will your staff and you may have to declare more hours. On top of that there may be costs for hiring external staff, for example for a beamer or other equipment needed at the trade fair. Is it worth incurring these additional costs? That is something you have to weigh up for yourself, of course. 

Face-to-face contact with the potential customer

An important starting point: people who go to a trade fair are interested in the product. In many cases, the visitor has not yet made a choice. He or she is interested in the product, in possibilities or in innovation. A great opportunity to get to know new customers, talk to them and convince them of the value of your product. 

Extra (media) attention

Participating in a trade fair allows you to draw attention to your company in many ways. You can write a press release, have flyers printed, email existing customers or post on social media. You can start before the trade show starts and continue until some time after the trade show. As an exhibitor, the organization of the trade fair will also pay attention to your company. 

Stand out!

At a trade fair, there are hundreds of companies who all want the same thing: to bring in new (potential) customers. The competition is therefore very high. Therefore, make sure that you stand out. Of course with your product or service, but also with the advertising around it. Draw the attention of passers-by immediately. For example, put up a zip wall with a nice, striking text. Or get a roll up banner printed with your company logo.

In this way, you create recognition among people and immediately attract attention. Success is almost guaranteed.