Junk and waste removal made easy by RidofitVancouver

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They have the best team for all your junk and wastage removal-related jobs. Having a bunch of junk lying around your place can be a headache for you, and you don’t have the energy to deal with it as well, that’s where they come in business. Whether you are just doing spring cleaning or moving, their expert team will take care of your junk and wastage removal effectively and at affordable rates. Now you don’t have to worry about your overloaded fridge for garbage cluttering in your house, just sit back and let Ridofit do the cleaning.

They are a very professional junk removal service that does not only save your time but also a lot of money. It takes a long time to co-ordinate with dumpster rentals as you have to manage the fees and permits to get rid of the junk in your home or commercial areas, but RidofitVancouver.ca is simply a call away and you can bypass all the stress and financial strain by choosing them for your junk and wastage removal jobs. You will be relaxed as their services are trustworthy and reliable. Hiring their professional services will help you regain space and declutter as well. They are capable of handling any type of junk related jobs including large-scaled projects on a commercial level.

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Quick and effective service

Now you don’t have to wait for days to get your junk removed because they provide the same day junk removal so that you can bypass any elongated botheration. With a spectacular team and a professional attitude, they clean up your residential and commercial properties in Vancouver with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and quality results. Their team will load the materials from your property and render intense clean-up before concluding the job. 

Do you have old and weary appliances that are not useful anymore and are only taking up extra space, such as dishwashers, dryers, or any other major appliances for removal and recycling? RIDOFIT will help you out with some extra hands so that your appliances can be removed carefully with safety. Moreover, they will also remove the old television sets, monitors, and electronics that might be covering up space in your home or office.

Does your yard have piles of rubble cluttered up, and it just looks messy? Then, you need some junk removal and thorough cleaning to renovate it. With effective junk and wastage removal, your yard will be beautified and renovated in no time. The yards are usually raked up with old fencing, patio furniture, brushes, etc. but they will provide quick yard waste removal at competitive rates, and you don’t have to take any days off just to clean up your spaces.

They provide free quotes

RIDOFit allows the clients to get free quotes and estimates beforehand. You can call all them and avail of a free estimate of your residential or commercial project. They charge on the basis of the volume and weight of the material that the load from your space. Basically, the price includes labor and disposal fees, and no extra charges. You can find a list of the rates on their website as well. They are extremely affordable and provide verbal quotes as well as curbside rates.

Quality equipment

They have big trucks to handle all types of projects. There are 1-ton rubbish hauling trucks that have an enormous 16 cubic yard container that is 10.5 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 5.75 feet high. It is approximately equivalent to the capacity of 4 level loaded pickup truck loads. Moreover, their staff is highly equipped to use efficient equipment, including shovels, brooms, dolly, etc. They can also arrange additional equipment such as a wheelbarrow if a project demand.

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They recycle the junk and wastage

RIDOfit believes in an eco-friendly service, hence, they recycle the junk that they will load from your spaces. Therefore, they also participate in the betterment of the planet along with cleaning up your spaces. There are many methods available to remove the junk and wastage, but with the evolution of technology, it is possible to haul away your recyclable junk. They have the equipment and qualified staff that utilizes only licensed recycle dumps for the disposal of the junk that we load from your spaces. It is their motto to recycle the junk as much as possible. RIDOfit recycles up to 60% of the junk that we remove from the commercial and residential areas. If any of your items are still in good shape including chairs, couches, etc., they will donate it to a local charity instead of just dumping it. In this way, your unused belongings can be a big help for someone in need. Skip Hire Chorley makes your garden or home junk and waste removal easy also.

Commercial junk removal and recycling

They provide complete commercial junk removal and recycling in Vancouver. This includes construction and commercial waste. Moreover, they also remove commercial property and where house junk. If your office has furniture and appliances that are not effective anymore, they will remove them. RIDOfit also offers office cleanouts and specializes in recycling rubbish, and junk. In a nutshell, they will haul almost anything from your spaces including non-hazardous materials and even a smelly compost.