Keeping Kids Safe online & the best way to track their location

Rohan Mathew

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In the modern era of globalization, when versatility beyond internet present in evil forms through technology can ruin innocent lives in seconds, children are inclined as the most vulnerable beings towards it, due to which their safety needs to be assured by their guardians & parents. As they are naturally prone towards being deeply affected by the internet content due to their cognitive developmental stages of life, their online safety has become a major concern.

Therefore, these little angels need to be saved from such abusive online material because a single predator through internet might make them fall into his trap of eternal destruction. As physiological & sociological researches have also emphasized on possibilities regarding such content effecting the personality & social relations of a child immensely which can result into low-self-esteem, PTSD, negative self-image & OCD etc. Thus, keeping kids safe online without restricting their fun has become a significant problem for parents & the Tech world.

Although, there are many ways to teach & guide children about internet dangers & how to stay away from them like through dialogue, creating awareness in them about social issues like cyber harassment, blocking explicit websites etc. Yet still , children are not so mature to act logically every single time & neither can a parent be present physically to watch their child with gadgets 24/7 , due to which there are even more  chances of them sharing too much information with strangers & getting in big trouble .Besides  many applications existing & portraying to block inappropriate material , all seem to lack behind some aspects other than a single tracking app called FamiSafe Parental Control .

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FamiSafe lets the parent’s control & detect location, time & inappropriate content on their child’s devices. For utilizing this children’s tracker, one needs to just follow four easy steps including:

Step 1: Installing the app from Appstore , google play or Amazon on both, parent & child’s devices .

Step 2: Signing up the app through Gmail for which parents will get a free three-day trial.

Step 3: Add your child by using quick set-up guide

Step 4: Tada ! Now you can control & manage your child’s activities from your own gadget.

Therefore, by all means, FamiSafe is the best parental control device because of the wide range of features that it carries from fetching web data to setting specific time for app usage , covering all major to minor functions including:

  • Filtering adult & violent websites through browsers like chrome & safari.
  • Blocking all dangerous websites, unsafe & unproductive apps which are not good for child’s bio psychosocial health.
  • Getting information about the time they’re spending on each app to save them from game obsession & internet addiction.
  • It helps in keeping the record of your child’s activities throughout the day
  • Viewing the timeline of child’s activities without making them uncomfortable or aware of you watching over them.
  • Having idea of what apps, they are using behind your back, installing & reinstalling them to not let you know. So, through this feature, you can warn your child about how to use or avoid certain apps appropriately like Tiktok , tinder etc.
  • The app also keeps check of any illicit or suspicious material like pornographic content & provides you with an instant warning.
  • Social media accounts generally & certain words inside them like f*** can be filtered to inform you through automatic alerts etc. &much more .

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It is perhaps the most reliable phone tracking app because of its compatibility with wide range of technological devices from android to IOS, tablets to kindle & cellphones etc. Also, because of the affordable subscriptions prices, suiting the needs of each family, it is easy-to-use & inexpensive child tracking app. FamiSafe includes three kind of plans; monthly for 9.99$, quarterly for 6.66$ per month & annual for 4.99$ per month through which you can manage up to 30 devices, depending on the type of your subscription plan.

This genius app indeed does an excellent job with its qualities , from tracking geo-location to managing gadget due to which parents don’t have to stay worried about the whereabouts of their children, especially when they have personal devices with no constant supervision. So, through this parental control software, one can track their child’s activities on technological devices to save them from bigger future harms without spending million dollars or sticking with them the whole time.

Therefore, one can call FamiSafe the savior of parents & superman of Kids because of its superpowers (extensive features) which makes it the best way to keep the kids safe online!