Kickstarter Video Production Script: Starting Your Template

Rohan Mathew

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Where can a person start their Kickstarter video production template planning for?

No matter what you are doing, starting is always the hardest because you can get overwhelmed and not know where to start from. 

That is the reason why we always look for a template, which can guide us and give us a start. 

Kickstarter Video Production Template

The template of a Kickstarter video begins with a really great script. 

For a great script, one can use the persuasive approach of the Stanford technology lab. 

The best Kickstarter template will include the following points:

  • The challenges or issues your product has the hope of solving. 
  • Explaining and exploring the product or service features.
  • Explain how and why it is the solution. 

Once these three points get answered you then go into detail about the insights and outcomes for the customer. 

So in simpler words, letting your customer know how their life will improve when you fund the Kickstarter campaign. 

After that, ensure your viewers know about your background and the vision you have for your product or service.

The last and most important thing that you have to add to your Kickstarter video production is a call to action. It means providing the customer a commercial action, like buy now or convert to as a backer.

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Making people donate to your Kickstarter video campaign 

The main reason for creating a Kickstarter video campaign is to get people to invest or donate their hard-earned money to you and your product or service. 

So, how can that get achieved?

Firstly ensuring the campaign has improving confidentiality and credibility is crucial. 

People will only invest their money when they have a full understanding of what you are doing. 

Therefore, your audience should know that the owner or founder has relevant experience. 

By doing so, you will create a relationship of trust with the audience. 

A Kickstarter video that speaks to the emotions of the audience and with emotions will be the one to stand out and get people to invest. 

Look at your campaign and use different emotions to provoke the emotions of the audience. 

When we say emotions, we do not mean that it has to be sad, dull, or blue. Express various emotions from happy, angry, funny to sad in different parts of the video, but do not do it too much. It has to go with your Kickstarter video and your product or service.

Being logical, emotional and to the point is the way to get investors to invest.

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Kickstarter Campaign without a video

Why go through such a hassle to create a Kickstarter video Production?

There was a time, where you would have got funding with sale pages and many available backers. 

However, that is not the case now. The numbers tell us that the Kickstarter campaign with a video will get the audience’s attention and the funding needed. 

Kickstarter recommends that recordings are not needed. However, the projects that have recording will get seen at a higher rate. 

Kickstarter video productions reflect better and carry the focus of the audience in a much better way. 

A person nowadays will not take their time out to read about your campaign, but they can have your video playing while they listen to it and do any other thing they need. 

A video does not require the audience to take time out to get the task done. 

Furthermore, a Kickstarter video gives your audience a chance to see how the product or service will get used and gives them a chance to imagine them using the product or service. 

Overall, a Kickstarter video adds a personal touch and gets the attention needed from the audience.

Final Thoughts

A Kickstarter video production is the best way to go. It may seem too hard, but in fact, if you have all the knowledge of your product or service, then it is a simple task of transferring that knowledge and vision to the audience. Therefore ensure you have a clear understanding and vision and then convey that information to the viewers through a video that touches their core.