Labrador Puppies Colors & Feeding Precautions

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Labrador is a very balanced and very comprehensive breed, mostly used as a guide dog and as a pet dog. They are loyal partners worthy of sharing your love. They are very friendly dogs, especially for children. Usually, they do not have the troublesome characteristics that appear in other dogs, such as occupying territory, insecure, aggressive, destructive, irregularly sensitive, etc. As the name suggests, they are excellent hunting dogs. Labrador has so many advantages, so do you know what colors Labrador has? Different colors of Labrador may have different prices. Which color of Labrador is the most expensive? This article mainly introduces Labrador retriever puppies with different coat colors and some precautions for feeding Labrador retriever puppies, hoping it will be helpful to every reader who loves Labrador retriever puppies.

Introduction of Labrador puppies with different coat colors

Black labrador retriever puppies

Price: Black Labrador puppies are definitely the most expensive of all colors because the number of black Labrador puppies is the least. Labrador puppies of pure blood generally cost about 2000 dollars or so.

Purpose: Black Labrador puppies will have stronger athletic ability, and tend to be used for hunting dogs. 

The black Labrador retriever puppies look more domineering. In addition, the black Labrador puppies hair is stain resistant and easier to take care of. For lazy owners, black is the most ideal choice for them. It is not easy to see whether it is dirty or not, but it can be washed out when the puppies are bathed. A pile of dirty stuff can be found out. It is said that the black Labrador puppy will eat more and be more energetic. Black Labrador puppies are only allowed to be all black, if they are spotted or black with brown markings, they are not considered purebred Labradors. Black Labrador puppies look fierce, but actually they are very gentle and cute.

Buff labrador retriever puppies

Price: Light yellow Labrador puppies are the most common color, generally not too expensive, around 250 dollars or so.

Purpose: Most light yellow Labrador puppies are regarded as working dogs, such as police dogs and guide dogs.

Light yellow Labrador puppies own pale yellow, from fox red to light cheese color, with different shades on the ears, back, and lower abdomen. The owners of Labrador puppies who like to raise this color are the most.

The light yellow Labrador puppies are allowed to vary from fox red to light cheese, with slightly different shades on the ears, back, and lower abdomen. The light yellow Labrador puppies also look beautiful on the outside. The price of puppies is not very expensive, so it is a breed raised by many people. Compared with the dirty black, the light yellow Labrador puppies are more frequent. What a dog owner ought to do is that you’d better take care and clean the hair.

Off-white labrador retriever puppies

Price: Rare in the market. Off-white labrador retriever is as expensive as the black one.

Uses: Off-white Labrador puppies belong to the British Labrador, mainly as family pets.

The off-white Labrador retriever puppies will give people a softer vision and feel more intimate. The off-white Labrador has not yet been included in the selection criteria for competition-level dogs. Except that the color is different from other Labrador puppies, there is basically no difference among other puppies. The biggest feature of the off-white Labrador puppies is that they are high-value, beautiful, and give people a clean and neat feeling. They are also very cute in appearance, so they are very popular with all the pet owners.

Chocolate Labrador puppies

Price: Chocolate-colored Labrador puppies, the quantity is also small, and the price is more expensive.

Uses: The chocolate-colored Labrador retriever puppies can be family pets or racing dogs, depending on how the owner trains them.

The chocolate-colored Labrador puppies (coffee color) are more exotic and rare, so there are fewer people raising them.

The coat color of the Chocolate Labrador puppy ranges from light chocolate to dark chocolate. If the chocolate Labrador has spots or brown patterns on its hair, it means that it is not a purebred Labrador puppy. Chocolate Labrador puppies are relatively rare. If the owner takes them out for a walk, it will definitely attract a lot of attention.

It is worth mentioning that the personality of the Labrador puppy has nothing to do with the coat color of the Labrador. Regardless of the color of the Labrador, it is very friendly to humans. It’s a best choice to pick up a Labrador puppy according to your own preferences.

Best food for Labrador puppies

Regarding the Labrador’s diet, the owner should pay attention to nutritional balance. It is best for the owner to choose natural foods with low salt, low oil and high protein for Labrador. You should be careful not to feed salty foods and foods with too high fat content, which will account for the  Labrador hair loss. Using deep-sea fish oil with multiple vitamins is also a better choice for Labrador puppies, which can reduce hair loss and beautify the hair of Labrador puppies to some extent.

During the Labrador puppy period, if you occasionally feed a moderate amount of raw meat or fish, it will help the growth of the Labrador. But the owner must pay attention to crushing the bones. Labrador puppies cannot eat human food, which can cause gastrointestinal diseases in dogs and lead to indigestion. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to feeding. You can use biscuits with less sugar as a Labrador snack, which is also a good choice to supplement the puppy’s dinner.

Best food for three weeks of Labrador puppies

The three-week-old little Labrador can eat food similar to porridge, cooked with minced meat, rice, corn flour and vegetables to complement breastfeeding. During this stage, the owner must be careful not to feed your Labrador puppies foods that contain too much fat, which can easily lead to diarrhea.

Best food for Labrador puppies for 35~45 days

It’s time to feed gruel to your Labrador puppies. At the same time, you can also add some grains, vegetables, and fish as the dog’s main food. In addition, the owner should pay attention to deworming Labrador puppies at this stage. After the little Labrador is 4 to 5 months old, its body begins to develop. The owner must ensure that its food does not contain too much oil to avoid indigestion.

Best food for Labrador puppies in 5-6 months

This is a vital period for the growth and development of Labrador puppies, and sufficient and optimal food must be provided for Labrador puppies.

When Labrador retriever puppies grow to 8 months old, female dogs begin to experience physiological phenomena. Labrador’s vaginal bleeding will last 2 to 3 weeks. When the amount of bleeding decreases, the vagina will swell and enter the ovulation period, which will last about 5 days. During this period, female dogs will mate, and the owner should keep them at home to avoid getting close to male dogs. A more appropriate method is that after 5 to 6 months, the owner can consider arranging mating for your Labrador.

The best time for calcium supplementation for a small Labrador could start when the Labrador puppies are 2 months old and end when they are 6 months old. The dosage and time can be determined according to the development of the little Labrador.

Tips for choosing labrador retriever puppies

  1. You’d better buy Labrador retriever puppies at a formal pet store to ensure the dog’s health
  2. Buying Labrador puppies under three months old isn’t a good choice, because their resistance to disease is relatively weak, so the owner ought to buy puppies over three months old.
  3. When choosing a Labrador puppy, the owner can consider choosing a puppy with bright eyes and no secretions around the eyes.
  4. While choosing a Labrador Retriever puppy, you can check the feces that it discharges. The stools of healthy Labrador puppies are mostly khaki with medium hardness. If the puppies’ feces are black, it suggests that there is some problem with the Labrador puppy’s body.

Precautions for keeping labrador retriever puppies

  1. Labrador is loved by many people because of its intelligence, and it is also very suitable for family raising. The Labrador is easy to train thanks to its high IQ and strong learning ability. Labrador can be a good helper in your life. When training, you can use some small snacks as a reward, it not only can make the dog more cooperative with you and follow the instructions, but also help the dog to grind and clean the teeth.
  2. The fur of the Labrador is waterproof to a certain extent, so it can be widely used for hunting waterfowl. Although the Labrador is a short-haired dog, its hair loss problem is serious. In other words, the Labrador is definitely one of the dog breeds that can shed the most hair.
  3. Labrador puppies are still very dependent on their owners. It needs the owner to get along with it for a long time before it slowly accepts the owner. In addition, it still needs the owner to train it. It will not obey your orders. The training principle for Labrador is a combination of work and rest with clear rewards and punishments. Therefore, you can prepare some snacks for Labrador puppies during training.

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