Laser Treatment for Vein Therapy in Atlanta for Spider Veins

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Having a spider vein can influence more than your looks. These veins can cause earnest distress. Some spider veins put you in danger such as blood clots or open wounds on your legs. Laser Treatment for Vein Therapy in Atlanta helps reduce or fade these spider veins and achieve anti-ageing. 

Varicose and spider veins are broken veins. In normal veins, valves push blood in one way — to our heart. When these valves decline, blood runs backwards and stores in the vein. Excess blood in the vein puts stress on the surfaces of the vein. With constant stress, the vein walls crumble and swell. In time, we notice a varicose or spider vein.

Some people have a greater risk of contracting spider veins. If blood relations have them, you have a bigger risk. Many people get them because they sit or stand for extended times. These veins also become more prevalent with time and while pregnancy. It can also be caused due to sunlight, hormonal changes and injuries. 

If you are looking for vein therapy in Atlanta, Laser Treatment for vein therapy is available for spider veins. Our laser treatment for vein therapy is performed through a unique wavelength that safely passes through the skin and is especially absorbed by the coagulated blood vessel. The spider vein will then gradually fade, giving the skin the properties of anti-ageing. Side effects of laser treatment for vein therapy in Atlanta are rare and usually mild, including a slight redness for several days following the procedure.

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The following is a list of answers to questions often asked about vein therapy in Atlanta

Is it dangerous to remove spider veins?

Spider veins work no purpose or use; therefore, removing them does not injure you. Vein Therapy in Atlanta is performed to reduce the presence of spider veins and help you with anti-ageing. 

How long after laser treatment do spider veins vanish?

The outcomes of vein therapy in Atlanta for spider veins are not immediate. After vein therapy via laser treatment, the vessels beneath the skin will slowly change from a dark blue colour to a light red colour and then ultimately disappear within two to six weeks.

How do lasers treat spider veins?

During vein therapy in Atlanta, the laser treatment delivers laser heat to the vein to congeal the blood inside the vein. The body slowly absorbs the artery. Vein Therapy in Atlanta is secure and does not need any vaccinations or surgery.

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Can spider veins come back after treatment?

While brand-new spider veins can come up due to pregnancy or other hormonal factors like overweight, previously handled veins should not return. 

How long does each vein therapy take and, is it painful?

Every procedure usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of spider veins treated. Like with any medical therapy, there might be some uneasiness. Spider veins in the leg need more than one treatment, and the procedure gives its best result of anti-ageing when the client is not thinking of any exposure to the sun. 

Harley Institute offers laser treatment for Vein Therapy in Atlanta for Spider Veins. With expertise in laser treatment for spider vein removal, they use the latest technology to remove spider veins from both face and legs, giving you the best anti-ageing look. In addition, they can also reduce the blue or purplish enlarged veins from the face and legs. There are many treatment approaches for spider and varicose veins, ranging from injection sclerotherapy to laser treatments. 

Talk with your team of medical experts about Vein Therapy in Atlanta options today.